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Unable to install a printer

  thumbscrew 12:58 07 Apr 2013

I have been repeatedly trying-and failing- to install an HP DJ1000 J110 printer. I've downloaded the drivers from the HP website,all seems to progress normally, but right at the end I get..."USB set up.exe encountered a problem and needs to close". Despite repeated attempts this appears every time. I use XP, can anyone help please?

  thumbscrew 23:45 07 Apr 2013

I swapped the printer for another one I had lying HP D2560 and this one's connected. However it's not printing black ink. I've cleaned the heads several times, the cartridges have plenty of ink and they're genuine HPs. Can anyone help with my new problem?

  onthelimit1 10:55 08 Apr 2013

1st question - did you leave the printer unplugged until advised?

2nd question - all you can do is keep running the cleaner - must be head blocked with dried ink.

  Diemmess 13:48 08 Apr 2013

From one who has drowned in the sea of recent new technology and whose advice has become a little old hat. ------

1) Have you the installed the printer both for direct wired connection and as a separate printer for WiFi ?

2) If the plated connection is accessible as it used to be, try standing the cartridge 'face down' on some tissue soggy with isopropyl alcohol and leave it overnight.

You can buy this stuff at any chemist worth the title. Very good for cleaning various surfaces which might be ruined with other solvents.

  thumbscrew 16:42 08 Apr 2013

Thanks both...onthelimit, yes unplugged until it told me to connect...Diemmess 1)'s installed just for wired 2)...chemists will no longer sell isopropyl, I know this because I used to buy it several years ago...finest thing available for cleaning video heads, now it's on their banned list, another victim of our interfering nanny state health and safety nonsense.

  onthelimit1 18:14 08 Apr 2013

Isopropyl aerosols available from Maplins. Advert here

  Diemmess 18:15 08 Apr 2013

USB problem?

Time was, I seem to remember in this forum, when a USB connection ceased to work, the answer was to search Control panel >System > Hardware > Device Manager >USB looking for a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark.

Delete, reboot and Windows found the correct drivers again!

  lotvic 18:23 08 Apr 2013

I used cartridge flush fluid to make tissue (kitchen roll) soggy when I cleaned my blocked print head.

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