Unable to install NVidia driver

  ened 15:08 27 Nov 2010

I have a new machine running Vista 64. I have onboard video but attempted to install an MSI 8600GT Silent edition 256MB DVI HDTV PCI-E Graphics Card from my previous machine.

When I tried to install the driver (which is the latest: 260.99) it stopped after a while with the message:

Physx System software version 9.10.0514 not installed
Graphics Driver 260.89 Failed
3D Vision Driver 260.89 Not Installed

I tried again with the earlier driver that I had been using on my old machine and got the same message. This was a clean install and I did a system restore before the second attempt to ensure no detritus was hanging around. I also checked in the BIOS that the onboard had been disabled.

I have googled this and I am not alone in having this problem, but no solution appears to have been offered as yet. One person suggested going to Microsoft and using their drivers but all I got from them was the message that no other drivers were necessary for this product. But the performance rating has dropped to 1 without them.

  GaT7 15:20 27 Nov 2010

Try clearing the previous nVidia/integrated drivers with Driver Sweeper click here.

Reboot, then install a fresh copy of the drivers from nVidia click here. G

  Terry Brown 15:31 27 Nov 2010

Re-boot the machine in SAFE mode,(Usually F5), You should have an option VGA mode. Run this.
Windows will start up in a very basic 4 colour system and a very poor resolution.
After a minute (or so), it should inform you that you need a graphics update.Put the graphic CD in the drive and allow to run.

When finished Reboot machine and your new card should be fully installed.


  ened 16:01 27 Nov 2010

Crossbow7 Your link took me to the drivers I have been trying to install, which are the 260.99 released on October 25.

ashdav I am now at the situation where I have removed the card and am running with the onboard. I have already installed the latest updates - if I put the card back in the machine do they then scan it and install the drivers?

Terry Brown The card is over three years old and, without looking, I'm not sure I still have the driver cd. Is there a way I can follow your method but use the downloaded drivers instead of a cd?

  GaT7 16:06 27 Nov 2010

"...if I put the card back in the machine do they then scan it and install the drivers?"

No, manually run Windows Update & install those drivers (is what I think he meant).

If that doesn't work either, use Driver Sweeper & try again via Windows Update. G

  GaT7 16:09 27 Nov 2010

Another idea would be to try previous driver versions. They can be downloaded via click here - make your choices as usual, & leave 'All' in Recommended/Beta field. Download & install drivers pre version 260.99. G

  GaT7 16:42 27 Nov 2010

So Afraid, yes we know. But sometimes with older GPUs that aren't working with the latest ones, trying older drivers do work in most cases. Even if doesn't, at least you can feel you tried everything. G

  hssutton 16:42 27 Nov 2010

I downloaded the 260.99 driver a few days ago, worked without problem on my Vista 64bit PC

  GaT7 16:52 27 Nov 2010

hssutton, each system is different, & your GPU may be different too. What might work for you may not for someone else.

I've had a similar problem with older GPUs, but an older driver worked. G

  ened 17:50 27 Nov 2010

It can't be the card because I have just put it back into the old machine and updated the driver to 260,99. It went in without a hitch.

It must be the new machine - I have never had so many niggling irritations with any of the other ones I have put together. For instance F2 is meant to bring up Word but nothing happens, the scroll wheel on the mouse works well with all programmes except Picasa and a few other minor glitches.

I think tomorrow I shall put it back in this machine and try the MS update method.

Thanks for the advice.

  hssutton 18:04 27 Nov 2010

I have the same card, that's the reason I posted the comment. Previous Vista update had installed a new drive which for some reason would not work correctly.

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