unable to install modem after new installation

  square eyes 11:06 07 Mar 2004

I made the mistake of offering to help out a relative to get her laptop up and running.

The o/s she had on it was a pirate copy so i wanted to put a legal copy on for her.
I bought XP home from ebay, sent off a cheque and never recieved it. (im processing a claim to get money back). I then chose a safer option and bought through amazon.co.uk, this time "a new & full version of Windows98 SE" for £74 only to discover after recieving it, it was an OEM version and the product key (on the manual) wouldnt work.

I contacted the seller via email for some help, after a couple of attempts to get help from him, to my surprise he gave me a couple of product keys to try!
Here we go! (i thought) another smelly rat!
I gave the product keys a go and only the second one worked.

To the problem....

Trying to connect to the internet and it asks that i install a modem. im given the option of installing a "PCMCIA modem card" or "other". It searches for a modem and "can't find any new modems". This is baffling as there is an internal modem in the laptop and i couldn't find the make or model in the list it gave.
It's an old Compaq laptop with low specs "64mb ram, 400 mhz processor and vga 4mg graphics"

Deep down i knew that things wouldnt go smoothly but im a glutton for punishment as i like the challenge.

Until i can get it on the net, get the reccomended driver updates and install service pack, i dont know if this version is ok. The display is also showing 16 colours and very low resolution with no option to change to 1024/768 which it showed ok before i started the mission.

Not sure what other details you would need but please any suggestions welcome apart from take it to pcworld :)
I agreed to help her and help her i will, with a little help! thanks

Square eyes

  Big Elf 11:11 07 Mar 2004

Can you not use the generic windows modem drivers? Failing that how about an external modem?

  agarm11 11:11 07 Mar 2004

Go to the hp/Compaq website and download all the drivers required and stick em on a CD, then install, or as a minimum just dl the modem drivers, then get the laptop on to the net to dl the rest.

  square eyes 12:44 07 Mar 2004

Thanks, i have been downloading drivers from that site, but when unpacking files it says the drives im unpacking to are write-protected.

Still trying

  square eyes 13:10 07 Mar 2004

i've got to go out for a while, but thought this may have something to do with it.

In device manager i have exlamation marks:

NETWORK ADAPTORS:SMC ircc Infrared Comms Controller
OTHER DEVICES: (1) PCI Ethernet Controller (2) PCI Multimedia Audio Device (3) PCI Serial Controller

This could be the problem but cant unpack these drivers from website not that i can identify them properly anyway.

  sattman 17:20 07 Mar 2004

PCI devices can be a devil to sort out.

If you have exclamation marks on the drivers they are not correct for the system.

One option is to delete all the devices with exclamtion marks and on rebooting let the system locate and install new drivers.

For most cases a generic PCI modem will work ok.

The other devices would normall be on supplied manufacturers disks.

  square eyes 09:40 08 Mar 2004

I've been experimenting, i tried installing my own copy of XP from my recovery disc, it isntalled XP and recognised the modem straight away. It is a Lucent Win Modem, attached to com3. I dont get this, maybe i need to update the bios so it will recoginise it in Win 98. I dont know the previous O/S on the laptop, maybe it was Win 95, so i will try the bios. There was also no sound drivers and no sound with Win 98 installed.

I will now see if i can see Lucent win modem in the list after putting Win 98 back on and hopefuly the pci probs will be solved when i can update and get the drivers from MS.

At least i know the modem is ok.

  fly-chicken-fly 09:55 08 Mar 2004


  square eyes 10:17 08 Mar 2004

Would you explain a little more please. Why have i wasted my money?
Yes, when i installed XP in experiment it did format using fat32. What do i need to do?

  square eyes 22:33 08 Mar 2004


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