Unable to install i Cloud on new PC

  john bunyan 13:52 07 Jul 2018

On a new PC, fully updated with latest W 10 etc, I cannot install iCloud for windows. The installation fails and rolls back following an error message. . I am loathe to uninstall all Apple products as discussed in Google. It seems a common fault. Is there an easy fix?

  [DELETED] 15:02 07 Jul 2018

Have a look at the last poster's comment here. Not sure if you can do it via control panel and programs and features. Otherwise settings, apps, apps and features. Scroll to find Apple apps, click on one and select 'modify', in the window that opens click on the repair button. Do it for all Apple apps. Don't know if it works though.

  john bunyan 20:54 07 Jul 2018

Trouble is it would not install so could not modify it . Have a partial solution: created another user I D ( wife’s) and I cloud installed. Why this is I do not know. I then opened her I cloud then signed out and stopped it in her start menu. Then I could open it in my user I D. Still fiddling with settings to try to get phone photos to download ; used Transfer photo app in the meantime .

  [DELETED] 21:36 07 Jul 2018

I meant all other Apple apps as you don't have iCloud for Windows as it hasn't installed. Modify and repair the Apple apps you have then reboot and try reinstalling iCloud. Sorry if I didn't make it clear. There's one Apple app, can't remember its name, have it on another laptop, that will only start if you connect an iPhone. It's set as automatic but wont run in manual, even, unless Windows 'sees' an iPhone connected. It will create an error that it can't start the service. Just cancel that one and search for the rest of Apple apps in the list. Modify and repair all the rest. Once done then reboot and try installing iCloud for Windows again.

  john bunyan 07:16 08 Jul 2018

rdave 13

Thanks. I have spent a long time setting up new PC so will try your suggestions later. At the moment I have I cloud installed via wife’s user a/c and as long as she signs out of iCloud, I can sign in. Fiddling with photo downloads, not yet fully solved. Too hot and garden beckons but will work on it. Amazing how long to set up a PC.

  [DELETED] 07:20 08 Jul 2018

Yes when you think about it. Not going to try loading a previous image then as the laptop is identical?

  john bunyan 07:47 08 Jul 2018

When I tried to access an image to get iTunes, I got an “access denied” message and could not find a way to get permission. MBAM and Adobe were helpful so I was able to reinstall Photoshop CS5 and my lifetime MBAM Premium licence. Took ages to update to latest W 10 version; have done a series of Macrium images as I go. PC comes with 500 gig SSD, bitlocker enabled. Not sure if that is good? Have at the moment decided not to partition HD as I usually do but am using Freefilesynch to copy User folder, accepting that images will take a bit longer. It is up and running now so we will see how it goes. Thanks for your help to me, and others!

  [DELETED] 07:51 08 Jul 2018

Good luck with the gardening! Was erecting one of those plastic garden sheds yesterday and I nearly melted in the heat :(

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