unable to install a HP printer

  Redbarronmi 00:11 20 Jul 2014

As anyone had a install problem of a desktop printer. that the OS will not see the usb port to install it. or it stays off line.. Tech support says its the Operating system.. ?? any idea's

  spuds 00:20 20 Jul 2014

You don't say if this is a new install for the printer, or one that had been installed and working fine previously?.

What operating system are you using?.

Have you installed the latest drivers for the printer?.

What is the model reference of the printer, you are trying to install?.

Answer the above, and there might be an answer there?.

  Redbarronmi 03:14 20 Jul 2014

HI .. more details.... this is on Windows 7 pro.. with all the updates done and all the latest drivers for the printer install , as tech support did this remotely this is a reinstall as the HP m451dn never connected all the time.. very intermitantly the main problem is that the printer stays "Off line" mostly and will not print a demo page. print que just hold the file never prints.

  Jollyjohn 09:15 20 Jul 2014

Go Start - Control Panel - Device Manger and check for yellow exclamation marks. Re install drivers to clear any. Delete Printer. Disconnect printer and reboot.

Ensure printer is on and plug USB into PC.

New hardware wizard should run and look for drivers for printer. If it doesn't, try a different USB lead and different USB port

  alanrwood 10:23 20 Jul 2014

Have you tried installing this printer on another computer just to check it is not that which is causing the problem. You say the page is produced and held in the print queue and the printer is always offline. Does it come online if you press any of the buttons (Don't know this printer so only assuming there are some)

  spuds 11:05 20 Jul 2014

Not saying its the answer here, but you say HP installed the drivers remotely. I have had problems with HP printer's, and the support agent as suggested that I use a different driver from another HP model printer, "because this was found to be the best".

Do you know what 'latest' driver was actually installed?.

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