Unable to highlight text on some web pages

  richardbajor 11:15 22 Sep 2014

I have a random problem with highlighting text using a mouse to cut and paste text from a website.

I am using IE11 and Windows 7

The weird thing is that the problem is random. On the majority of websites the highlight/cut/paste works every time. However on some websites it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't- if I refresh a page and am lucky it will then allow me to drag the mouse over the text but more often than not it won't (or only give me one chance or give up midway through the dragging). Also on some web sites I am able to highlight text in the original article but not highlight text from the comments section.

Any ideas?

  Ian in Northampton 11:40 22 Sep 2014

I've always assumed that some web site text is protected against being copied and pasted for whatever reason (e.g. copyright protection). That doesn't explain why, if you're persistent, you seem to be able to get it to work occasionally, though.

  richardbajor 11:55 22 Sep 2014

That's correct. I have encountered websites that refuse to allow you to copy at all (although I'm sure someone told me a keyboard combination that gets around this). Not the case with my present problem.

I do have the option to right click and "select all" but then of course I will have to delete loads of unwanted text when I paste.

  wee eddie 12:13 22 Sep 2014

Much will depend on how the Text is placed on the Website.

If it is placed as Text, then you will be able to copy it. However if it is a picture/scan, which happens to contain Text then you cannot because it's not really Text.

  richardbajor 12:43 22 Sep 2014

Maybe it'll give you a clue but I am having the same trouble with this forum in cutting and pasting!

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