Unable to heard when using Skype

  ponytail 17:07 10 Oct 2014

Not sure what the problem is but just tried talking to my cousin in Ireland using Skype.She could see and hear me and I could see her but not hear her.I have been getting a message lately saying skype has stopped working.Tried the echo test but no sound and this has always worked.Mic is plugged in ok any ideas thanks

  ponytail 17:09 10 Oct 2014

Apologies got it wrong my cousin could not hear me only see me

  john bunyan 17:48 10 Oct 2014

It would help if you stated on what machine you tried Skype - Laptop, tablet. desktop or what?

  ponytail 07:05 11 Oct 2014

It was on my laptop and i feel a bit of a idiot because the reason I could not hear anything was because the volume was turned down on my laptop but still dont know she could not hear me

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