Unable to get photos from disc

  crosby73 08:14 25 Jun 2011

Since I installed Windows 7 I have been unable to to get photos (Actually cards I make for a local WI market) on to the screen to print off No problem when I used Vista but now when I click on the disc in My Computer I get the list of all my cards come up but when I click on anyone I get the following message. Windows Photo Viewer cant open this picture because either Photo Viewer dosnt support this file format etc Tried to put Photo Viewer in PC but dosnt seem to help. Can anybody suggest an easy way of getting these back on the screen so that I can print them off. Not very clever with PCs. Thank you

  Nontek 08:23 25 Jun 2011

link text I use XP so I don't know if this will work in Win7, however if it does it should solve your problem. If you can download and run Picaview32 let me know, I will then be able to explain how to use it to convert your pics so that they can be read.

  chub_tor 08:47 25 Jun 2011

If you Google this problem you will find that this is a very common problem with few or any resolutions other than repairing Win 7 Click Here. Some have had success by running sfc /scannow Click Here. The specs of Picaview 32 don't include Win 7 so I don't think that it is an alternative. However Picasa will work. Or as you have Window 7 you could also try Window Live Photo Gallery

  Terry Brown 09:06 25 Jun 2011

Why not give Picassa from Google a try, this will find all pictures,scanned Documents and Video's on your system and then you can print out to transfer (export) as you want.link text

The program is free. Terry

  Nontek 10:41 25 Jun 2011

chub_tor Hi, although I do respect your input and your knowledge, probably much better than my own, I am using XP which is also not mentioned for Picaview32, but it works great on XP and Vista too. So I reckon worth a try on Win7,

  rdave13 11:05 25 Jun 2011

Try Paint.Net to open the files P.N

  crosby73 22:04 25 Jun 2011

Many thanks all. I have not been able to get my emails up until just a short while ago so I have not been able to check your ideas yet. Did try to get My Computer (disc contents) in Picasa to view the disc but not able to find it in Picasa. How can I get the cards on the disc into any of the programs you mention.

  Nontek 23:06 25 Jun 2011

Hi, using one of my CDs containing saved pics from years ago, I experimented at getting pics from the CD onto my Computer. It was surprisingly easy using CampicRestore, a small direct download program intended mainly for recovery of deleted pics from Camera Cards and Hard drives, to get the pics onto my computer - I had never tried getting pics from a CD before, but it worked very well.

This is the direct download link text

Before starting the program create a New Folder on your Desktop, then from within the program browse to the New Folder as the destination for the pics. Make sure that you select the CD ROM containing your CD of course, then click on Start. You may open your New Folder after the process has started and watch the pics appearing, you can also Cancel the process at any time, pics found up to that point will still be in your New Folder.

Give it a try, you may be as surprised as I was, having only previously recovered pics from cards/hard drives, but not from CDs!

  crosby73 22:55 26 Jun 2011

Hi, Thank you Nontec I have put Campic Restore in but so far no luck Would you mind going through the procedure for me. I have made a new folder and it appears in Destination path but I cant get it to stay in the File name prefix.

  Nontek 08:15 27 Jun 2011

I will try a pictorial using screenshots I have just taken ...

This is how CampicRestor will appear at beginning, click on OK.



This is after browsing to my New Folder, which I have renamed as CampicRestor.


Make sure your CD ROM drive letter is highlighted.


Showing Browse window and CampicRestor (my New Folder renamed) is highlighted.


At this stage simply click on Start, then let the recovery continue until it has finished, or click on Cancel at any time you wish.

If it is going to work for you, it will show number of pics recovered as it progresses.

BTW, I have never had to sort or alter .prefix after Browsing to the new folder destination.

I hope this is going to Post OK now, and that I have not missed anything out.

  crosby73 17:49 27 Jun 2011

Thanks Notec for all the trouble you have taken. Im still unable to see my folder which is in the list in Destination path but when I put it in from choose directory it dosnt appear. It does say ready and when I go to to OK the recovery progress takes place but nothing shows in images found. Think I got a folder up alright. Right click on screen and then into new and then folder. I then gave it a name. You can tell Im not muchcop` with PCs!

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