Unable to get into Hotmail

  ponytail 10:29 28 Jun 2013

I have been trying to get into my Hotmail account this morning but after signing in it takes ages and when I finally get there am unable to go into my inbox.Have just tried it on my wifes laptop and the same problem.Does anyone else out there use hotmail who could tell me if they have a problem

  rdave13 10:46 28 Jun 2013

Just signed in to Outlook.com and everyting is ok. Same using Windows Live Mail.

  ponytail 10:49 28 Jun 2013

Just got in composed email clicked on send and it just says sending has done now for nearly ten minutes have just logged out.Every other thing is fine just signed into my bank account and got straight in also got straight into here

  rdave13 10:55 28 Jun 2013

Sent a test message to another web mail account and I'm not getting any problems.

  rdave13 10:59 28 Jun 2013

I'm on IE 10, Win 8, windows' firewall and Avast free with Malwarebytes pro running.

  ponytail 11:00 28 Jun 2013

Have just rebooted the Laptop and am going to try again will let you know what happens

  rdave13 11:05 28 Jun 2013

Ok. Getting email notification via Live.co.uk as quickly as it's ever been.

  tonyq 11:24 28 Jun 2013

I'm having trouble, it,s taking ages to open up after signing in.

  rdave13 11:28 28 Jun 2013

There seems to be a few posts about this. As I've said I'm having no issues.

  VCR97 19:01 28 Jun 2013

Like tonyq I have to wait ages after signing-in for anything to happen. It's been like this for a couple of weeks.

  rdave13 19:07 28 Jun 2013

Not sure if this is an ISP issue or area issue. I'm with Plusnet and north Wales.

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