Unable to get hdmy hub working

  ponytail 20:37 18 Mar 2013

I only have one HDMI socket on my TV so I bought a three way HDMI hub thought that would solve the problem.Boughr tHREE HDMI leads one for the dvd player one for the set top box and one for my media player ran a lead from each unit to the input socket on the hub and a lead from the output socket on the hub to the TVs HDMI socket but when I press the button on the hub the light comes on and then goes off again it never stays on.I have two hubs and it happens with both of them.I havejust unplugged everything and re-connected everything but still the same.Any help please

  Chronos the 2nd 11:08 19 Mar 2013

Make and model of hub would be helpful to know.

  ponytail 23:56 19 Mar 2013

Hi Chronos the 2nd sorry for the delay in replying but just got in.I ordered the hub from Amazon and it never arived so after several messages to the supplier I then ordered another one from a different supplier which arrived very quickly and then the original one arrived so I kept it as it was paid for.As for the make and model there are no such markings on the hubs themselves.I have just checked on my Amazon account and am unable to find any record of it or any messages.I always buy any of this kind of item from Amazon and am sure that is where it came from.If there was a way of sending a attachment with this reply I could photograph it and attache the photo any more info please ask Brief description of hub It is about two inches square black HDMI 1080P in red writing in center Switch in white writing It might help Sorry it is so long

  lotvic 01:36 20 Mar 2013

Is it the same as this one on ebay

  Chronos the 2nd 09:48 20 Mar 2013

If it is similar to the one that lotvic links to or this on Amazon I am really not surprised they do not work. I bought a similar scart splitter in my more naïve years and that too cost me a couple or so quid and I wondered for quite a while why it did not work, of course the reason it did not work was because it was cheap and nasty.

Whereas these types of splitters do work you really do get what you pay for.

  chub_tor 12:05 20 Mar 2013

Chronos the 2nd I'm surprised you say that these simple devices do not work. I purchased a two way HDMI splitter very similar to the one you linked to some years ago and it works brilliantly. I have one input from my DVD player and one from my Freesat box and if I turn either on it is immediately selected or if they are both on I can select between them by using the push switch. It's been in use for a couple of years now and I only paid a few pounds for it from Amazon so for me it was money well spent.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:39 20 Mar 2013

I did not say they would not work I said I was not surprised when they did not work as it can be very hit and miss with the cheaper end of this type of product.

  Woolwell 13:18 20 Mar 2013

I suppose the really basic question is - Is the TV and the other devices all turned on?

  ponytail 09:13 21 Mar 2013

Hi Lotvic yes that is the one I have in fact I now have two of them any suggestions anyone as to a decent reasonably priced HDMI hub Imight get

  ponytail 09:23 21 Mar 2013

Just ordered this hope it is better than the other


  ponytail 09:24 21 Mar 2013

sorry link not worked


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