Unable to get into Bios program.

  askgreg 22:50 04 Apr 2003

This has happened quite recently,I have normally been able to hit the DEL key before windows starts to load.Now hitting the DEL key has no effect whatsoever.Anyone any ideas please.No other signs of problems,all working quite normally.

Many thanks in anticipation.Greg Askey

  MAJ 22:56 04 Apr 2003

The DEL key usually does it, askgreg, but look at the boot screen before Windows starts, it usually tells you which key to press. Try tapping the Del key instead of just hitting it once, try some of the F keys as well, two favourites are F2 and F10.

  woodchip 23:07 04 Apr 2003

If the delete key does not work you may have got a cmos virus, and you may have to reflash the bios

  User-312386 23:07 04 Apr 2003

you can also tap the pausebreak button to view the screen to tell you which key to tap


  woodchip 23:08 04 Apr 2003

PS it's not the keyboard that faulty by any chance

  askgreg 10:25 05 Apr 2003

Thanks to everyone.

1. The DEL key is the one for this BIOS, it says so before Windows starts.

2. How can I check for a Virus in the CMOS area.?I have a Virus protection prog.installed and it is up to date, I also have a Firewall installed.

3. It is a relatively new Keyboard and the DEL key works in conjuction with the CTL and ALT keys.

  woodchip 14:42 05 Apr 2003

If it's covered by your Anti-Virus, you should start your computer with the disc you created for it so if it can see a virus or the CMOS as changed it should say so and give you the option of restore from floppy disc

  Zaxifone 14:47 05 Apr 2003

Is it a USB keyboard and does your bios support it when booting?

Just an idea...


  askgreg 17:08 05 Apr 2003

Thanks for more ideas.

1.No it's not a USB keyboard it is a Wireless one.

2.Hi. Woodchip.I will look closely at your suggestion and report back.

  BlueMeanie 18:39 05 Apr 2003

Try a hard wired keyboard, does this work ?

  askgreg 23:31 05 Apr 2003

Thanks again for all your responses, much appreciated.

I used the Boot disc's made when I installed my Anti Virus program and all ,at the moment , has returned to normal.'Woodchip' you hit the problem well and truly into touch.

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