unable to get any vdo pic for dvd encoding

  inapot69 18:09 22 Apr 2005

i have just bought a tevion usb2800d dvd maker.
i have also bought a scart to 3 jack plug lead to attach it from my vcr to my PC.
howwever i just cannot seem to get any audio or vdo pic from it.
i am very new to the task of vdo encoding so any help would be greatly appreciated.
i am running athlon 1.3

windows xp, 512 ddr ram
masses of space on a 120 gb drive.

  Sans le Sou 19:11 22 Apr 2005

What did you get in the package and how have you connected up to computer?

  chugby 20:12 22 Apr 2005

these sites might help you,

click here

click here

  inapot69 19:09 23 Apr 2005

there is pvr plus and power producer gold
but all connections on the unit were female.
they were also female on the vcr
i went out and bought a scart to 3 male connectors lead.
it seems to be working ok
its just that i get nothing but a blamk screen on the "preview section" of the pvr
it says rec etc ...but all it is recording is a blank screen (black)
so somehow i am not getting any signal audio or video from my vcr to my pc.
i know i am not explaining this very well
told you i was new....lol

  josie mayhem 19:59 23 Apr 2005

On my scart converter I have a switch for input and out put. Check yours and make sure that it's switched to output.

I did find with my set up that, I was getting sound but no picture. I recified this by using a s-video cornector and dispatching with the yellow rca connector, but kepping the red and white audio rca connectors.

  Sans le Sou 20:40 23 Apr 2005

Have you selected the right settings, only there is usually a load of options, make sure you select PAL. By the sound of it you do not have a scart converter but a premade lead, it is important to get the right direction on your lead as Josie points out.

  inapot69 10:00 24 Apr 2005

there is no switch on my scart connector.
there are many pal "types" in the options.
i have tried most of them i think.
it was a pre made lead.
there are labels stuck to the side of the individual cables.. saying audio in (r) audio in (l) and video in.
shouldn't these be audio and video out?
as they are coming FROM the vcr?

  jbaker65 10:09 24 Apr 2005

I think you've hit on the problem! Aldi also sell a connector kit with all needed cables and a scart plug having an in/out switch on it. Only about £6.

  SEASHANTY 10:40 24 Apr 2005

Scart Connections
click here

Also a supply outlet click here

  SEASHANTY 11:28 24 Apr 2005

Some illustrations of scart connections to Home media
click here

  inapot69 12:25 24 Apr 2005

thank you all for your help and suggestions.
i will try to find a new switchable lead or see if aldi has the lead / connections you mentioned.

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