Unable to fully install Bluetooth.

  Daibus 17:36 31 May 2006

I`m trying to install Bluetooth from the Utility disc that accompanied my Asus A6Km laptop.

Fine - I accessed the software, dragged it onto Programme Files and then clicked on install.
The process starts as normal but then hangs half way through. It gets as far as installing the Asus Bluetooth Stack and the message says it could take up to 15 minutes but over an hour has now passed and the Toshiba software is still stuck at 56%.

I think it is trying to connect or install with Windows but I`m not sure. The Bluetooth logo appears on the Task Bar but when you right click to open the 56% Bluetooth Stack window just appears again.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

  Diversion 21:24 31 May 2006

If it's anything like my installation disc it was not compatable with XP Pro, I had to go to the Belkin website to get the latest driver updates before mine would install. I suggest you go to the website that the Bluetooth came from.

  Daibus 23:04 31 May 2006

Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately all I can find out from the installation CD is that the Bluetooth software is Toshiba Bluetooth Stack but with no version number showing. This makes it difficult to match up with any of the Driver details that are listed on Toshiba`s site.

But cheers again.

  Diversion 23:38 31 May 2006

click here;jsessionid=5013D34C8ED18EB213BBDA4B0924DE18?searchString=Bluetooth+Update Maybe this site will help.

  Diversion 23:57 31 May 2006

Go click here first click on the box New Downloads then type in the Search with Ask Iris® box Bluetooth Updates. The previous url should have taken you there but for some reason it didn't, sorry about that.

  Daibus 09:34 01 Jun 2006

Many thanks again.

Accessed the site but rather difficult as I do not know the number of the Bluetooth Stack.

Was wondering if I download say the latest version, if it would do any damage?

  Diversion 20:54 01 Jun 2006

I wouldn't have thought so, but you may be as well contacting Toshiba before doing so. they usually respond within 24 hours to technical queries.

  Daibus 10:13 02 Jun 2006

Many thanks again and will contact Toshiba for their help.

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