Unable to format a networked drive ?

  sand_danser 12:44 24 Oct 2004

I've tried all ways to get around this but have come to a halt.
Using the boot disk to format c: returns the message as titled above and inserting the Windows XP CDROM to format won't work either as it won't format the drive due to "temporary installation files" being needed to install ?
Can anyone direct me to a thread that can help please or can reply directly ?

I'm running a quite new system, 2.8mhz processor, 120gig HDD,256 DDR, replacing XP home with XP Pro.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:26 24 Oct 2004

Have you tried to boot with a floppy disk from, say, click here and give it a go?

  sand_danser 16:07 24 Oct 2004

I used a windows 98 boot disk to get into DOS mode, then typed format c: which as I said gave me the error message; "unable to format a networked drive"
I wonder if it's worth trying to remove the partition using a suitable program. Then it may work ?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:16 24 Oct 2004

click here and look at what is said about fdisk.

  TomJerry 16:33 24 Oct 2004

PCs in many large compaies are set up to boot from network, so only some components are installed locally. Those PCs cannot be formated by floppy booting or CD-booting.

  sand_danser 12:15 25 Oct 2004

The PC was bought from a company "as new" by my brother & when I went to help him fix it (clean it up) I found quite a bit of stuff that told me it had been previously used so maybe they sold the PC that had been used in an office ? and therefore has a networked HDD ?
Thanks for the links, I found them very useful but the IBM - WIPE/ZAP d/l's aren't there unfortunately.
It looks like I need a Windows ME boot disk that incorperates "delpart.exe" so I can run FDISK & delete the partition. I'll go to BOOTDISK.com & see if I can grab it.

  TomJerry 14:17 25 Oct 2004

Maybe you need to get into Bios to disable "boot from network".

  sand_danser 16:49 25 Oct 2004

Thanks TomJerry, I'll check it out & see if it works.

  sand_danser 21:39 15 Nov 2004

I managed to format using a windows ME boot disk which has the upgraded BIOS & used fdisk to format.
I want to thank you all for your kind help, it just goes to show how invaluable these forums are 8-)

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