Unable to flash Bios

  Analyst02 13:09 12 Oct 2005

Has anyone ever come across this error before

"system bios BBID is different with image file BBID"

When they are trying to update their BIOS?


  gudgulf 14:02 12 Oct 2005

It might be that you have the incorrect BIOS file to update your motherboard.I've come across similar messages when unlocking my ATIx800pro card with a BIOS mod.That was because I was using a BIOS that was not specific to the card.

To get round it you can use a "-f" flag inserted in the flash command....but I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you are absolutely sure you have the correct BIOS file.

A few more details would help.....like what motherboard/pc is it you are wanting to update and why it is you need to update at all.

  Analyst02 14:54 12 Oct 2005

It has nothing to do with it being the wrong BIOS file. This BIOS version has been used numerous times before to update our IBM machines. We even downloaded the latest from the IBM site eventhough the rev is the same as the one we are using!

As for the need to update, The PC in question has had a replacement Planer and we need to update the serial/Model numbers. This is a problem we have never come across before and are at a loss as to why it would be happening after so many successful updates in the past.

Could it be a faulty planer?

  DieSse 15:55 12 Oct 2005


  GaT7 16:48 12 Oct 2005

planer - or more commonly, planar - is usually the IBM term for motherboard. G

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