Unable to fit 2.5" HDD

  iqs 14:38 30 May 2014

Hi, I bought a WD 2.5" HDD to replace the Seagate HDD currently in my laptop The old unit was removed,and the retaining brackets fitted to the new HDD

With or without the brackets,the new HDD will not slide into/onto the SATA connections without using force.

The original just slides in easy,no force required

I have fitted the WD HDD into my SATA dock,everything is initialised & formatted,and fits easily .

I know if things require force,there's an issue,but could the laptop header be designed for one make of HDD ?

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 30 May 2014

and the retaining brackets fitted to the new HDD

is this also an adaptor? to get a standard drive to fit you laptop as is usually the case.

Brackets correct way round?

Make and model of laptop? and model number of drives?

  iqs 18:09 30 May 2014

Hi all Thanks for the help.

Answers ...

The new WD HDD did you thicker then then the Seagate

There was no adaptor fitted . I have seen these on other HDD ,it's a standard SATA header . The brackets were not adapters The brackets were fitted correctly

ASUS S200e

HDD WD WDBH2D5000ENC mainstream 500 GB .I obtained this info from the PC World website . I have taken the HDD back,but still require a replacement .

Tried without brackets ,still does not fit . It seems like the space allotted for the HDD is to small . It will not even push onto the date & power connections .


  iqs 18:10 30 May 2014

Sorry ,bloody iPad keyboard. Lol

WD HDD did seem thicker then the Seagate

  iqs 19:17 30 May 2014

Small is nice ,but so annoying to fix lol I'm out at the moment,I will measure the drive in the morning,and post the specs Thanks

  iqs 14:50 31 May 2014

Hi The dimensions of the original HDD are...... 8mm x 70mm x 100mm

  iqs 13:38 01 Jun 2014

Hi rdave13, Yes,that's my laptop. Didn't think that there was a difference in height on 2.5 HDD I've learnt something new lol

Thanks for the reply & link. Now to look for a cheap SSD or a 7mm HDD


  iqs 13:39 01 Jun 2014


I forget to click send after typing my reply yesterday,never mind

I have just bought a 7mm SSD

Will fit this afternoon, fingers crossed

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