Unable to fit 2.5" HDD

  iqs 14:38 30 May 2014

Hi, I bought a WD 2.5" HDD to replace the Seagate HDD currently in my laptop The old unit was removed,and the retaining brackets fitted to the new HDD

With or without the brackets,the new HDD will not slide into/onto the SATA connections without using force.

The original just slides in easy,no force required

I have fitted the WD HDD into my SATA dock,everything is initialised & formatted,and fits easily .

I know if things require force,there's an issue,but could the laptop header be designed for one make of HDD ?

Thank you

  SparkyJack 17:31 30 May 2014

Silly thing to suggest I know but, it is some thing that has occurred to me when the laptop is 'face down,with the compartment open. Check the drive is the right way up. The top of the drive should face down and the circuit board be look ink at you ,so to speak. Easy done, I know.

  bumpkin 18:09 30 May 2014

not a printer

  iqs 19:21 30 May 2014

Hi, Thanks . The drive was the correct way up,I first thought I had it up-side down,but not I have two threads posted for some reason,the other one has had more feedback,. So far all suggestions have been tried, but still no resolution Thanks

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