Unable to find on/off Switch

  ponytail 07:45 25 Aug 2014

Not sure if this thread is in correct section but sure someone will tell me.My wife has a Philips GoGear MP4 player but seems unable to deterine where the on/off switch is.I have looked as well and pressed all the buttons but it is still on now and have to keep charging it.Just ondered if anyone out there has one of these players and could advise. Thanks

  rdave13 07:57 25 Aug 2014

Push and hold the power button to the off position and wait a few seconds. You should see the bye screen.

  chub_tor 08:25 25 Aug 2014

Click Here scroll down to the FAQ's and look at the second item.

  ponytail 09:40 25 Aug 2014

Hi rdave13 which is the power button what I have is volume + & - at the top play and pause in the center on the bottom there is a lock control switch and the mini usb port and headphone socket.

  ponytail 09:43 25 Aug 2014

Hi chub_tor watched the video but my player does not have that switch

  Menzie 11:54 25 Aug 2014

What is the exact model of player as there are quite a few GoGear players out there?

On some MP3 players the play button is the off switch. Holding the play button down for a few seconds will turn them off.

  wee eddie 12:16 25 Aug 2014

I think that we need the Model Number.

I copied and Gooogled your bit in the first post and an On/off switch is shown, on the top end. A broken Circle with a line coming through the break

  ponytail 08:32 26 Aug 2014

I eventually managed to get a reply from Philips and they say the same as you.But the actual switch with the broken circle with the line going through it is actually on the bottom of the player.If youmove it to the left it locks the player and return to the center it unlocks but move to the right and hold it there for a few seconds and it turns it off so looks like the manual is incorrect.Thanks for all the help

  lotvic 13:39 26 Aug 2014

Yes, tell us the exact model you have, because if anyone else has the same problem as you and it turns out that the manual does happen to be incorrect they will be searching the 'net for answers.

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