Unable to find installer to load WDA

  Mr T 21:25 16 Sep 2008

A failed attempt to install Windows XP SP3 did a roll back and had all services switched off.
Used a backup copy of registry and got most settings back.
Windows installer / uninstaller got corrupted, did a Windows repair (2nd R option) part way through error box pops up and says words to effect "Windows unable to find installer to load WDA, contact vendor.

During same repair message saying unable to find
1. Hyperterm.dl_
2. migregdb.ex_
3. icowonn1.exe
All files were there, also no printer will work, have reinstalled printer.

Found on drive by PcTools a trojan_downloader.agent.afl
Also have done a sfc/scannow but still gets error when opening explorer "Progress_container empty" Have sent full logs to Pctools including HiJackthis. Any idea please what is WDA & does it affect Explorer and printing ?

Thanks for any help.

  woodchip 21:55 16 Sep 2008

"Wireless Network Card" May be. Looks like you need to disinfect your Computer if you can first

  Mr T 22:02 16 Sep 2008

Many thanks for quick reply, have reinstalled wireless network, have immunised / disinfected infected pc - network is working fine, I am sure something has damaged windows installation, I dont really want to reinstall / format at this stage, agin, many thanks.

  woodchip 22:06 16 Sep 2008

Check this out it may help click here

  Mr T 22:16 16 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip,
Many thanks, a good suggestion, have already installed windows installer, it made no difference, have installed and used windows clean installer which helps delete corrupt installer / uninstaller ( excellent ) this helped to a degree, I can now install / uninstall as normal, problem persists. Again many thanks.

  woodchip 22:18 16 Sep 2008

Good so is ever thing now as it should be?

  Mr T 22:28 16 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip,
Seems you sit by PC as much as me !
I am probably like yourself reasonable at computer use and problems, If I can identify what the WDA is and Explorer problem it may help, if it is a registry matter I am happy to alter, at moment no google search finds WDA relating to printer or Explorer issues, is WDA warning from a trojan or not, I can find nothing , except a comment to Dlink routers which I do not use.

Nearly time for bed and an early start tomorrow, again, thank you for your interest.

  woodchip 22:32 16 Sep 2008

Have you got Wireless on the Computer, Not Router WiFi inside the box

  woodchip 22:33 16 Sep 2008

Check Device Manager for Yellow Icons

  woodchip 22:37 16 Sep 2008

Also check Services for WDA and the Error log

  Mr T 22:53 16 Sep 2008

Hi Woodchip,
No yellow icons or red ones, I am unsure how " Have you got Wireless on the Computer, Not Router WiFi inside the box" caused problem, I am grateful for all your thoughts, BUT, I am sure its either a corrupt windows install/REPAIR or a Registry error, I bow to those of greater wisdom. Again, thanks on your view.

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