"Unable to establish connection"???

  southpaw 21:03 28 Jan 2006


I'm having problems connecting to the internet.

I use Zoom Service provider and when I try to connect, it firstly dials like normal then comes up with "Failed to connect to remote computer, Unable to establish connection"???

The modem is not at fault as I've tried a different modem.

I also thought maybe it was zoom so installed Tesco Service Provider but when trying to connect it too gets "Failed to get internet access, The Port was disconnected by remote computer"

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

  southpaw 22:19 28 Jan 2006

Forgot to say I'm using Win 98

  Biotech 23:18 28 Jan 2006

Do you actually subscribe to any of these.

  southpaw 12:54 29 Jan 2006

Anyone with any ideas?

Its bugging the hell out of me!!

  southpaw 12:55 29 Jan 2006

I am with Zoom but was trying to set up Tesco to see if it would work and i get the same error messages.

  jimv7 13:01 29 Jan 2006

Try this, click here

  southpaw 13:06 29 Jan 2006

Thanks for the suggestion but can anyone figure out the "unable to conect" problem?

I guess that no matter what ISP I use I'm gonna get the same problem so the problem is somewhere here!

(Oh I'm using another laptop to write this.)

  southpaw 18:33 29 Jan 2006


  howard63 19:21 29 Jan 2006

I would suggest that you run the modem diagnostic it may simply need reinstalling. Failing that it could be a nasty downloaded from the net blocking access so that you cannot uninstall it. Do you have up to date virus checking and spyware removers?

  southpaw 20:17 29 Jan 2006

what do you mean by modem diagnostics?

I've removed it and re-added it if thats what you mean?

Have run an AVG virus scan all clear.
Ad Aware all clear
Spybot Search and Destroy all clear.

  Biotech 20:34 29 Jan 2006

Control panel\phones and modems\modems\properties\diagnostics\QUERY MODEM

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