Unable to d/load game patches

  ulrich 22:25 22 Aug 2006

This is a problem going on for a couple of months now. I can d/load M/Soft updates and install, but I can't d/load IE7beta, Google Earth 3, game patches. I get to the green install blocks and thats it, it disappears. I did see someone who had a similar problem but can't find it. I do not have a lot of important stuff on my PC, but can I do a repair without losing everything. Any help would be most grateful.

  Diversion 22:43 22 Aug 2006

Have you tried re-installing your internet connection disc from your ISP for installing your modem. It maybe just a bad driver, or check your modem is plugged right into the USB port and all the other connections in the telephone line.

  GaT7 22:45 22 Aug 2006

>>I did see someone who had a similar problem but can't find it.>> I saw it too but cannot find it either.

Your downloads seem to be getting corrupted. Have you tried downloading those programs/patches with a different browser, like Firefox click here or Opera click here, for instance?

This is an ealier post of yours where you had success with installing Google Earth from disk click here.

If you continue to have problems, as a temporary measure consider asking a friend/neighbour to do the downloading on their PC & write them to disk for you. G

  ulrich 23:00 22 Aug 2006

Yes it was me installed Google Earth from the disc, originally from the web and I wanted to upgrade to beta 4, I uninstalled the original then tried to reinstall from the web but no go, so I installed from PCA disc. I have tried scannow, no good, deleted all the cookies, temp files. I have BB, speed 2.2mps. Sad me has a new game which need some patches and I can't get them. I don't want to reinstall everything but it's going that way.

  GaT7 23:15 22 Aug 2006

Have you tried downloading those programs with the other browsers? G

  ulrich 23:29 22 Aug 2006

I have a bit of a hard day today so I am off to bed. I will try tomorrow thanks for help today.

  wolfie3000 01:43 23 Aug 2006

What game patches are you after?

It maybe possible for me to e-mail them to you.

  ulrich 19:13 23 Aug 2006

Thanks for the offer, I just got this games and thought I would buy the add on, but all it does is crash the game, so I'm sending that back.
I really need to sort the problem out. I am sure I have done something but I do not know what.

  GaT7 21:04 23 Aug 2006

Well, there's still the other browsers to try. Sorry to keep repeating myself! G

  ulrich 21:31 23 Aug 2006

I will give it a go but at the weekend.

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