unable to delete system restore files

  one mega bite 09:17 04 Jul 2007

I have been having issues with my computer crashing and now having got to the bottom of it (RAM problem) I am unable to delete the "system restore files" that are taking up a massive 70+ gig on my hard drive (this is still only the 15% that is allocated to system restore). When I try to do it in Windows (Vista Home Premium) I get an error message along the lines of "cannot locate shadow files" or something along those lines. Basically it is saying that it cant access my system restore files in order for me to delete them.

I am looking for a way to delete these files, perhaps from DOS screen. I am prepared to re-install Windows to do this as I have been installing and re-installing windows to discover why it was crashing.

Does anyone know how I can get around this issue and free up some hard drive space?

Many thanks in advance.


  birdface 09:38 04 Jul 2007

Mike,I take it you have disabled System Restore and the files have remained,I always assumed that when you turned it off the files were deleted automatically.You could try this Optimizer and see if it clears them out,It's free to try but only clears 10 items at a time ,but you can run it as often as you like,It cleans out the registry you can do a defrag on it,And basically your computer will run a lot faster.

  birdface 09:38 04 Jul 2007

Oops Optimiser. click here

  one mega bite 10:13 04 Jul 2007

Many thanks for the advice. Failing that is there any way i can delete the files from the DOS screen before Windows loads?

  birdface 10:25 04 Jul 2007

Sorry unable to help you with this one,But I am sure someone will come along that can.

  Lettervanman 10:33 04 Jul 2007

Try this, "MoveonBoot"

click here

  Lettervanman 10:35 04 Jul 2007

Sorry, Look under File Utilities on that page!

  Stuartli 11:35 04 Jul 2007

70+GB of System Restore files seems remarkable.

The original SR default of 12 per cent was conceived at a time when hard drive capacities were very, very much smaller than today's three-figure GB drives at almost unbelievable prices.

Depending on the size of your drive, even 15 per cent seems a lot - my 60GB drive has the SR percentage set at four per cent (1760MB).

  one mega bite 11:43 04 Jul 2007

yes, i thought that it was particularly large. It does equate to the 15% that has been stated on "help and support". I accepted that there would be that much space taken as my computer was continually crashing. I am going to give a few things a try after work but as i have 380 gig free i am not going to loose much sleep over it just yet.

Many thanks guys.

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