unable to delete operating systems from hard drive

  fatal exeption 17:59 15 Feb 2005

I recently deleted hard drive and created two partitions for windows 98/ and x.p.
both systems loaded o.k. I now wish to delete windows 98, when i attempt to do this via windows 98 startup disk the fdisk options will not allow me to delete. i.e keeps sending me around in a circle. I wish to delete windows 98 because the programmes will not respond.Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

  mattyc_92 18:01 15 Feb 2005

Use the WInXP tool found in "start->control pannel->administrative tools->computer management" and click onto the "disk management" option...

  Jeffers22 18:12 15 Feb 2005

An easy way is to delete the partition, then recreate it using Partition Magic.

  mattyc_92 18:24 15 Feb 2005

thats what I suggested only with Windows partitioning tool (to save fatal exeption some money if he/she hasn't got partition magic)..

  FelixTCat 19:03 15 Feb 2005

Boot into XP (on D:?). Then right-click on My Computer and open Advanced. Click on the Startup and Recovery Settings box. Make sure that the Default operating system is set to XP, then untick the box marked Time to display list of operating systems.

Restart the system and it should boot straight into XP.

On the C: drive delete the Windows and Program Files folders. You can also delete any other folders that you know were installed under Win98 (probably all).

  dan11 19:52 15 Feb 2005

If you are duel booting, then they are files on the win98 drive that are needed to boot XP. If you format the C drive from dos, I don't think XP will boot.

This is why you will not be able to format the drive in computer management. XP knows it has critical files on C and will not allow you to format the drive.

  dan11 23:52 15 Feb 2005

e-mail from fatal exception;

" yes i am dual booting. In that case what is my way around the problem. This is a second computer with very few files to worry about.i.E. how do i delete drive to reinstall x.p only."

Thanks for the e-mail but it is much better to post a reply here so everyone can help you. It also helps anyone who may have the same problem as yourself.

This is the way I would do it.

Switch off the computer with the XP cd in the drive.

The computer should boot from the cdrom, you have to press any key to start the installation.

If it does not boot from the cdrom but goes straight to windows. Then do the next paragraph. If it does start the installation, then disregard the next paragraph.

Restart the computer and keep pressing the delete key to enter the bios. Go to advanced cmos settings and set the first boot to the cdrom. Press F10 to save this and exit.

It should now be loading files on the bottom of the screen.

You will get a window like this. This is for 2000 but it is the same as XP.
click here

Next you get the license agreement, so F8 for that.

Next you get the screen you want. This picture shows just one un formatted hard drive. You should have 2 drives listed C and D ( if D is the partition) What you need to do is to select each drive at a time and pick D, to delete the partition. This will wipe every thing.

You now end up with a hard drive with no partition at all. You now have to rebuild that partition.

Select the unpartitioned space and press C, to build the partition. You now get the chance to either resize C ( to so many Mbs) or to have just one partition C. If you would like the disk split as you had before, then just enter the size of the old C.

It will now ask you to format that drive and finish loading XP.

You will finally get to desktop and you can load your drivers + etc.

If you have split your drive. Then go to computer management to format the remaining partition.

Job done;-)

  dan11 23:54 15 Feb 2005

Sorry, the second screen immage.:-(

click here

  woodchip 23:57 15 Feb 2005

If you did what I think you did, put 98 on comp first then loade XP. If you remove 98, XP will not start as XP loaded some files onto the 98 partition for XP

  dan11 00:20 16 Feb 2005

That is the way 98 and XP was loaded.

  FelixTCat 12:08 16 Feb 2005

You can remove Win98 but do not remove the files in the root directory of the win 98 drive, eg boot.ini, ntdetect.com, ntldr. Autoexec.bat and config.sys are probably also redundant, but leave then for the time being. There is no need to reinstall or repair your current installation.

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