Unable to delete messages from Hotmail trash can.

  Meshuga 11:33 10 Dec 2005

I am finding it impossible to remove messages from the hotmail trash can. I delete them after reading them and they go into the trash can and I then go to the trash can and click on Empty and get a message saying are you sure you want to and I click Yes but they won`t go. At present I have 7 messages to get rid of. It`s always been ok until recently. At the head of the page it says "An error has occurred" but it doesn`t say what the error is. Any ideas how I can resolve this please? My OS is XPhome sp2.

  Methedrine 12:27 10 Dec 2005

I thought that Hotmail automatically emptied your trashcan after 14 days. Is this still the case?

As far as deleting them yourself, it's a web based email service. If it says that an error has occured, then the problem must be at Hotmail's end.

  Meshuga 13:54 10 Dec 2005

Thanks Methedrine, my trashcan page has always shown that trashcan is emptied after one day but it never did. If the problem is at hotmails end I don`t know where to go from here.

  Jackcoms 13:56 10 Dec 2005

"I don`t know where to go from here"

I suggest you go to G-mail.

  VoG II 14:09 10 Dec 2005

I've just tried it and I'm getting exactly the same, Meshuga. So it is a problem at their end. As items in the Trash Can don't count towards your quota I would just put up with it.

  john-232317 14:28 10 Dec 2005

Meshuga, I get this in my box "Trash Can is emptied every 1 day(s). Messages in your trash do not count towards your account limit." So it shouldn`t cause any problem, maybe it is a hotmail glitch ;-). still sunny in Spain ;-o

  Meshuga 14:50 10 Dec 2005

Thanks Jackcoms , Vog and dadyassa. I`m glad the weather is good in Spain dadyassa as my daughter lives in Torreveija.

Re Trash can, I have the same problem its been driving me mad pleased to know iam not alone i have over 50 messages on mine

  bruno 22:34 12 Dec 2005

I have the same problem.

  ladybabe 14:55 14 Dec 2005

download mozilla and then go on to hotmail and empty the trash can that way it worked for me

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