Unable to delete folder from SD card.

  algo mas 17:31 21 Feb 2010

I have a Nikon digital camera taking SD cards.
The card has been working fine until recently.
The card is not write protected.The card has been cleaned.
If I take a picture it says "unable to read card"
I switch off and the picture has been recorded, but if I take another photo,the same thing happens.

In the instruction book it says that the card is corrupted.

There are 3 folders on card one with photos,which I can copy and paste, one [DCIM], with nothing and one called NCFL. I belive the camera is trying to write to this folder. I am unable to delete this. If I do it says "unable to delete this is unreadable or corrupted". How can I delete this NCFL folder please?

  GaT7 17:34 21 Feb 2010

Use the free Unlocker click here to delete it, & anything else you're having trouble deleting.

Let me know if you use Win7 64-bit, as I may have to suggest something else (I cannot remember at this time). G

  GaT7 17:37 21 Feb 2010

LockHunter click here is what you need if using Win7 64-bit. G

  algo mas 21:53 21 Feb 2010

Thanks for suggestions.
I think I'm running win xp 32 bit.

I tried unlocker but when I right clicked it did not show in choices. I deleted it.
I then tried lockhunter. It found the folder but said nothing is locking the folder.So I clicked the delete file on the programme.Seconds later it said unable to delete NCFL! [their exclamation mark].
I could try formatting the card,but do not know how, and then again it may not work.

  User-312386 22:02 21 Feb 2010

Put the card in the camera, select the options menu and click through them until you find format and then click ok

  peter99co 22:15 21 Feb 2010

You should ALWAYS format the card with the camera it is used in NEVER the computer.

  robin_x 22:35 21 Feb 2010

I found File Unlocker worked on XP but not W7.

Lockhunter and File Assassin seem to work on XP and W7. Both have unlock facilities.

All available from cnet.com and filehippo.


Try all of your USB ports before giving up. Some of em are fussy.

  robin_x 22:35 21 Feb 2010

SD with adaptor for USB of course

  algo mas 12:38 22 Feb 2010

Thanks to all for youir help. The first two software suggestions did not work.

However i formatted my card in cameraa and this was succesful!

  peter99co 16:00 23 Feb 2010

If you check the manual (Nikon) you will find it will allow you to create different folders on the SD card via the camera menu so that different shoots can be kept as separate groups.

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