unable to delete file????

  homer1309 23:49 05 Apr 2003

i have a copy of eight mile in avi format in a folder with other files on my c drive. when i try to delete it it says i cant because it is being used by another process, i have shut down all applications that i know of that will use this type of file but i still cant delete it. please help cos the file is 800mb in size and i could really use the space. cheers peeps i know you will sort it for me....

  AndySD 23:55 05 Apr 2003

Try Starting in Safe Mode (tap away at F8 whilst booting the pc) and delete it from there.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:58 05 Apr 2003

this will bring up a window of everything running in the background. end task for all except Explorer & Systray. Then try again.

You have not told us what windows O's you have the abover is only suitable for mainly Win98/98Se & ME not XP !.

What is Eight mile ? avi is related to a Audio format. what I can recall. bit more detail please.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:59 05 Apr 2003


  homer1309 00:24 06 Apr 2003

8 mile is the new eminem film. i am running xp pro and still cant delete if running in safe mode and have tried ctrl+alt+delete but far to many things there for me to know what to shut down saftly. keep em rollin in peeps.........

  -pops- 07:08 06 Apr 2003

Was this downloaded via Kazaa (or one of its clones)?

  homer1309 09:57 06 Apr 2003

it was'nt but i have others that were. why whats your thinkin? i know most of you out there dont like kazaa but i've had no problems using kazaa lite for 2 years. aside from the moral issues that is.

  Dr. Charles 10:24 06 Apr 2003

Why do you want to delete this file??

It is also telling you I think, that thisn is a "Shared file" in which case if you do delete it something else will not work. Is it vital to delete this single file??



  homer1309 10:28 06 Apr 2003

i want to delete this file because i now have bought it on dvd and as its a sizable file taking uu valuable space i want it off. (800mb in size mark.............

  -pops- 12:55 06 Apr 2003

I wasn't going to be moralistic about files from Kazaa or Kazaa Lite, just that however careful you may be with your downloads, there is a very real danger of also downloading something you would rather not have, whether from the P2P program or from the supplier of the program.

It may well be that your luck in using Kazaa has run out and a visit to the clinic is necessary.


  homer1309 13:03 06 Apr 2003

i,ve checked it out with the latest anti virus software (norton 2003) fully updated, and nothing shows up. no other problems other than that one file which is not in the p2p folder, which incidently is checked twice a day for viruses automaticilly. so i will look into that a bit more but im not sure that my problem lies there.. cheers.

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