Unable to defragment partition / volume

  Ltait1992 14:22 07 Jul 2015


I'm trying to clean up a pc for a friend and I've done all the usual like uninstalling unnecessary programs/running ccleaner/disk cleanup/disk defrag etc. However, there is a volume other than the C: drive and when I click then analyze/defragment disk button, the progress changes to pass 1 and shoots up to 15% and stops(i.e. stops defragging it altogether but keeps the defrag programme running). The partition itself is 17% fragmented and I wanted to be sure that it's not what's slowing the pc down.

I tried downloading defraggler and doing it with that but it doesnt work either. It says something about cancelling the operation and that the drive may be read only.

Any ideas?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 07 Jul 2015

Sounds like a restore partition - leave it it will not be slowing the machine.

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