Unable to defragment or complete chkdsk /f.

  Daibus 13:20 06 Sep 2010

I am unable to defragment or even analyse the hard disk as the message chkdsk /f. is displayed. However I am never able to complete this procedure as the operation stalls indefinitely or if it does occasionally complete the PC will crash and I have to reboot the whole XP OS from an external drive.

I have ignored this problem for some time now as the laptop seems to be operating OK but I feel now that I may well need to fragment the hard disk as the computer now seems to be somewhat slower in it's operation.

I have scanned with Avast antivirus and Malwarebytes etc but nothing is showing up.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

  MAJ 13:38 06 Sep 2010

You haven't given the make of the hard drive, but go to the manufacturer's website and download the drive diagnostic software that they supply, most manufacturers supply such software for free. Run it and see what it reports.

  The Kestrel 13:39 06 Sep 2010

I use this free program from Auslogics click here. It works much better and much quicker than the Windows defragger. Give it a try.

  woodchip 14:23 06 Sep 2010

have you tried running check disc in safe mode?

  northumbria61 15:31 06 Sep 2010

Try "chkdsk /r - and read here - click here

  Daibus 16:04 06 Sep 2010

Thank you all very much for your replies.

The hard drive is Seagate and some time ago I downloaded their tool and after examination it did find some errors but could not repair, so a bit of a dead end really. I also tried ¨chkdsk /r¨ but with no success either as the operation would not finalise.

However I took your advice ¨The Kestrel¨ and downloaded the free programme from Auslogics which allowed me to fully defragment the hard drive without any problem which I'm very pleased about and very many thanks indeed for the information.

I checked back on the computer thinking maybe the original problem with the Microsoft defragmentation software would have been eliminated but it is still there so any further thoughts to rectify this error would be great.


  birdface 16:12 06 Sep 2010

chkdsk /f Is that an external drive.
What about running chkdsk on c-drive does that run till the end.

  Daibus 16:21 06 Sep 2010

No, I carried out chkdsk /f. on the main C: drive many times, but the operation would not complete or it crashes the computer.

  birdface 16:25 06 Sep 2010

Have you tried going direct.My Computer.Right click C Drive.properties.Tools.Check Now. And tick both boxes.
it will tell you you have to reboot for it to start.
Maybe doing it that way might work.

  Daibus 18:58 06 Sep 2010

Many thanks but yes I tried your suggestion and will certainly give it another go - Cheers.

  MAJ 19:05 06 Sep 2010

"some time ago I downloaded their tool and after examination it did find some errors but could not repair,"

That's not a good sign Daibus, it would appear that "some time ago" there were corrupt sectors on the drive. That would usually suggest that the drive is on it's way out. I would buy a new drive and reinstall Windows on that.

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