Unable to decompress

  snowy30 02:13 10 Aug 2008

I'm trying to restore some photos using Nero Restore, but after clicking on them it says it's Unable to Restore the file, even though I backed them up among other stuff using Nero Backup.

I restored a few onto my laptop, but unable to restore them to the tower.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  johndrew 15:43 10 Aug 2008

How are you trying to Restore? The Help file says double click the icon and they will be restored to the original location. If you have moved the file to your desktop PC from the laptop and tried this it will likely fail as it can`t find the original location.

You can Restore to any location by using the features in the Restore Wizard - the Help file should give you all you need to do this. Logically both Nero and the file need to be on the PC to do it.

  snowy30 18:49 10 Aug 2008

I tried restoring them using the restore wizard and double clicking a file from the disc, but on both occasions it's unable to restore them back on to the tower, but it works on my laptop. :-/

  Ditch999 23:06 10 Aug 2008

Is the version of Nero Back it Up the same on each PC?

  woodchip 23:09 10 Aug 2008

If they are on a External Drive and the Location differs then this will be why it cannot load them

  woodchip 23:12 10 Aug 2008

I think its that they was backed up on one PC and he is trying to restore to another. Beats me why they are not just dragged on to the backup Drive or Partition to create a backup

  snowy30 00:40 11 Aug 2008

The Nero software is the same on both computers, version 6.6.

The photos were originally on the Tower's internal drive, I had to reformat the computer by reinstalling XP some weeks ago because somebody suggested on here - PC Advisor's HELP forums - to create a program because I was having problems updating to SP3 via Microsoft's website, after creating the program to reset Windows I was having trouble with anything that was Microsoft like MSN Messenger, MSN Online Games, WebCam and I couldn't add or remove any programs either via the ADD/REMOVE through the Control Panel.

As I was unable to repair some Windows files using the disc I had to reinstall the entire Windows software in the end, and that was when I had to backup my photos and stuff using Nero. Before I went ahead with the above procedure I first checked to see if I can restore anything onto my laptop, which successfully I did so without any trouble.

  woodchip 10:36 11 Aug 2008

Why not backup the files up off the other computer By dragging to a removable drive, then drag then onto the other computer off the drive. Cut Nero out of the Equation

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