'Unable to Create New Folder'

  dregn 07:39 16 Apr 2006

I have a partition that I reserve for graphics files and suddenly there is a problem with creating a new folder.
Message reads : 'Invalid folder name or path, or folder already exists.'
I have tried various names for the folder I am attempting to create with the same negative result.
I am using WinXP Pro, (NTFS formatted partitions )
Any advice much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 16 Apr 2006

Run check disk on it - open my computer and right click on the partition. From properteis, tools, do the error checking and see if it helps.

A reboot may also help.

  dregn 23:08 16 Apr 2006

Diodorus Siculus

Thank you for that and I have run CHKDSK on the partition which reported all tests as satisfactory.I rebooted several times but the situation is as before and I am still unable to create a new folder in this partition.
Most odd, I have never come across this before.
I want to create a new folder to hold a hundred or so images from a recent trip. Any more suggestions much appreciated.

  ade.h 23:12 16 Apr 2006

Did you run Checkdisk at boot with the extra options turned on, or in the OS environment?

Might be a good idea to temorarily move this partition's files to another, then reformat it and move them back.

I find that this cures most partition related problems, such as repeated system-initiated disk checks at boot. Have you had one or more of these run on this partition at any time?

  terryf 23:34 16 Apr 2006

Have you tried control panel>folder options click on the view tab and check 'show hidden files and folders' and uncheck 'hide protected operating system files'.
It may be that you have created a folder that you can't see.
You can put these view options back afterwards but DON'T delete any files that you are not absolutely sure about while these options are made.

  dregn 11:26 17 Apr 2006

ade.h and terryf
Thank you very much for your suggestions.
I had run CHKDSK at boot with all options.I went to 'Folder Options and did as suggested but to no avail.
In the end,I copied all the graphics files from the subject partition,did a quick format and copied the files back again. All is now well and I am able to create new folders.
Many thanks again for your most helpful responses.

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