Unable to connect wireless broadband router

  GileyD 18:28 15 May 2006

I have cable broadband from Telewest and want to connect our pc in the bedroom (which has the cable internet connection) with our pc in the dining room wirelessly.

I have bought a Linksys WRT55AG router and Linksys WUSB54AG USB network adaptor. I have tried connecting the router to the modem as per instructions, so the modem is connected by ethernet cable to the router, which is in turn connected to the pc, also by ethernet cable.

When I power the router on the power light comes on, the light showing the connection to the pc comes on, and the internet light comes on (albeit rather flickering), all as it should be. However when the setup wizard tries to then configure the router it says it cannot find it and to check all connections.

I have done this and changed the cables round, used other cables etc but still no joy and I am at a loss.

Any ideas??

  fitshase 18:50 15 May 2006

Try switching off the telewest modem at the mains, waiting 10 seconds and then switching it back on to power cycle it (it is imerative that it is switched off at the mains and not just with the power button). Once this is done and it is powered back up, all should work and you should get an internet connection.



  GileyD 20:39 15 May 2006

Thanks for the suggestion but tried that and still no joy. The setup wizard will not recognise the modem and there is no internet connection with the router connected, even though it is all connected correctly.

Any other ideas?

  [DELETED] 21:21 15 May 2006

Mine is plugged via a cable in to the set top box. Try turning that off at the amins as well as the router and leaving it off for 10 seconds. Try running the blueyonder instant support tool and see if that shows a problem.

  [DELETED] 21:23 15 May 2006

oops discard that GileyD, I just noticeds you are using cable Broadband. Mine is wireless....sorry

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