Unable to connect to internet using 56K modem

  taff jones 10:09 09 May 2006

I'm running Windows 2000 Pro (SP3) on a 400MHz computer (my mother in-laws computer). I have downloaded the driver for the modem (a HCF 56K PCI Modem) from the internet but it didn't work. It comes up with a message saying "No dial tone. Make sure the modem is correctly connected to the computer and the phone line." I have also downloaded the driver from the Windows Update website but to no avail. When I go into the Device Manager it says that the modem is working properly.
Would it matter that my telephone line is broadband enabled? I have bypassed the ADSL filters when trying to go online using the 56K modem and made sure that the setup on the "Dial-up Connection" page is correct. Any ideas please?

  taff jones 10:10 09 May 2006

In addition to the above, the device has been enabled in the Modem properties.

  pj123 10:28 09 May 2006

Do you have 1571 active on this telephone line?

If so, you need to delete all waiting messages.

  Taff™ 10:55 09 May 2006

And the lead has to go through a filter! (The internal modem is effectively a telephone)

  johndrew 11:07 09 May 2006

Had a quick look at other problems similar to yours on the forum click here do any of these help?

  Jackcoms 11:12 09 May 2006

"And the lead has to go through a filter!"

Er, why?

This is a dial-up modem, not a BB modem.

  €dstowe 11:17 09 May 2006

"Er, why?"

Because on an ADSL enabled line, it is the POTS telephone that needs the filter, not the ADSL

  dms05 11:26 09 May 2006


Q: Can I run BT Broadband and my dial-up connection from the same computer, at the same time?
A: You cannot be connected to the Internet via BT Broadband at the same time as being
connected via a dial-up connection. However, you may log off from BT Broadband and connect to
the Internet via dial-up in the normal way, providing you have a suitable dial-up account.

So, are you physically logged off your ADSL connection?

  taffjones 11:33 09 May 2006

Hi All,
I DO have the 1571 facility on the phone but I have no messages to collect.
Have tried changing the cable but still no joy. I've also un-checked the "Wait for dial tone before dialling" box and I can now hear the modem dialling out but I'm unable to get a connection. Could I have two defective modem cables here? By the way, I have tried it by connecting the filter and again without the filter but still nothing.

  taffjones 11:39 09 May 2006

dms 05 - I have physically removed my broadband modem from the ADSL filter when attempting to connect using the 56k modem (but the modem is still going connected to the ADSL filter) but I'm still getting an "Unable to establish a connection" in the Dial-up Connection window.

  Stuartli 12:37 09 May 2006

DialUp modems are a pain in the backside for problems..:-)

It might be that, as your BB modem is/most likely listed as the Default connection, you may have to use the DialUp Connection panel's drop down menu to switch to the model's required dialling tone.

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