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Unable to connect to internet

  mnt23 14:05 31 Mar 2020

Good afternoon,

Following the recent Windows 10 Update it took much longer for my PC to establish an internet connection. This then became intermittent and now it won't do it at all. It will say it's connected to the network, and that it has internet access (although it takes longer to get this information than it used to) but I can't connect to the internet.

When I ran the network diagnostic tool it initially came up with the following error:

Primary DNS server not responding (I can't remember the exact wording and can't reproduce it now)

Having tried some fixes it now comes up with:

Wi-Fi doesn't have a valid IP configuration.

All other devices in the house are connected fine, and I am currently submitting this tethered off my phone which is connected to the Wi-Fi.

I have tried a number of fixes suggested online:

Restarting my PC

Restarting my router

Updating my network adaptor drivers (they did need an update but it didn't solve the issue)

Uninstalling my network adaptor and then having windows reinstall and update it.

Releasing and renewing my IP address

Flushing my DNS info (not entirely sure what I was doing with the last 2, just following isntructions) Finally, re-installing windows, but opting to keep my apps and files. I do now get a slightly different error from the diagnostic tool:

Default gateway not available

None of this has got me anywhere, I can still connect to the network but not the internet. The network sign on my task bar intermittently shows connected no internet, connected with internet, not connected, but regardless I can never access the internet.

I am running Windows 10. hardware details are:

Network Adaptor - Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless AC 3168

Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100 @3.6 GHz


Anyone got any ideas? I'd rather avoid wiping everything and starting again if I can.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 31 Mar 2020

What security suite are you using? have you tried teporairly disabling your Antivirus / firewall and see if you can get through then.

  mnt23 09:49 01 Apr 2020

Hi Fruit Bat,

I'm just using the windows 10 security. I tried disabling the firewall and anti-virus but it had no effect

  x13 10:09 01 Apr 2020

Try downloading the latest drivers again, in the list here as Windows 10 wi-fi drivers. Once rebooted check device manager that the right driver is being used. If still not working go to settings - Network & Internet - and try 'Network reset' at the bottom.

  mnt23 10:18 01 Apr 2020

x13, I did that and after checking the version, it looks like the right driver isn't being used. I downloaded: 21.80.2

But device manager lists

How can I make it change the version that it's using?

  x13 10:34 01 Apr 2020

Go to device manager, expand network adapters, right click on the wlan adapter, select 'update driver' then 'browse my computer...', then 'Let me pick...' Here's a list I have showing that mine is using Microsoft's drivers. I can change that to any of the others from there -

  x13 10:39 01 Apr 2020

Check the driver details after installing another driver.

  mnt23 10:43 01 Apr 2020

Still no joy, I have the following 3 options:

I tried all 3 as it wasn't clear which one would be the new driver, but I always get left with the same version.

1]: [click here

  x13 11:58 01 Apr 2020

As you have the driver in the downloads folder follow instructions to uninstalling here then rebooting and installing the latest driver you have.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 01 Apr 2020

Some thigs to try click here

  mnt23 12:41 01 Apr 2020

X13 - I made a mistake earlier. I checked the notes for the Wi-Fi driver and for my hardware, the is actually the most current version :(

Fruit Bat - I'll work through those suggestions and see where I get to

Thanks for your help so far guys

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