unable to connect to home wifi

  immer 17:45 15 Nov 2013

I have a problem connecting an aquired old dell WXP laptop to my home wifi. It detects the network ok but when I try to type in the password/ ID it just makes a bong noise I refuses the type.(Yes I disabled the firewall.) I've connected other laptops with no problems but I think I must have forgotten what I did. Main PC on W7.

  immer 22:11 15 Nov 2013

The problem seems to be in the old Dell laptop BIOS which contain an administrator long lost password locking out new connections. Does anyone know how to clear a motherboard admin password ?

  rdave13 22:22 15 Nov 2013

It might be ingrained on a bios chip. Your best bet is to note the lappies specifications and product number etc. and join a Dell forum or contact Dell themselves. email support Dell, your problem is low priority I guess so give them an email, with as much facts about the lappy, as possible. Good luck.

  rdave13 22:32 15 Nov 2013

Email support is here, a link within the link I gave but may be harder to find in the original link.

  immer 15:13 17 Nov 2013

Thanks. Tried removing both the big & little round battery for five mins but no change, though I wonder if the hard drive might have reset it on startup.

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