Unable to connect to 0808991xxxx numbers

  Newuser4608 16:40 02 Aug 2005

I have a Novatech Matrix Pro notebook which refuses to connect to 08089916110 or 08089916275 numbers from my home address for Anytime and Daylight Savings. Novatech took it back and it connected OK from their premises in Portsmouth. I took it to my daughter's home in Cheshire and it worked OK there. I live 5.4 miles from the local exchange, too far for broadband. My computer will connect to other numbers, such as 0808140187 and 08452121001, for 'pay-as-you-go'. I can connect from my home to 08089916110 via an external modem!

Novatech, Waitrose, OneTel, Tele2 (my service provider) and BT have all been unable to provide an answer.

My wife's HP Omnibook XE and my friend's Acer TravelMate 2305LCi connect OK from this address.

My son's Acer TravelMate 200DX and my HP iPAC 1710 fail to connect, although they also connect to other numbers.

Has anyone any ideas on this?

  Graham ® 17:13 02 Aug 2005

Try prefixing the numbers with '1470,'. That is used to release your number, but in this case may circumvent whatever is the cause of this unusual behaviour.

  jack 20:09 02 Aug 2005

My Telcom service provider was British Gas
Who like manys other provided dead cheap calls.
My internet then was Pay as you go.

Later I switched to 'Opensurf' on my ISP whereby by paying them upfront I got a special number 080899*** whereby I could stay on line all the time for a little money.

But to do so. I had ro revert to BT.
Not surpising really - as BT sell line time to all these other providers wholesale, and they in turn by their dedicated numbers sell you and me, call time cheaper than BT, that BT say so to speak Oi!you cant dial that there number which is cheapo through that there supplier which is cheapo.
In otherwords you cannot get a discount off a discount - right!

  Newuser4608 09:55 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for your help, but I tried adding 1470 as a prefix to no avail. The ones that will connect do not need it. Could it be something in the modem setup?

  jack 10:02 03 Aug 2005

To clarify what what I said.
0808 numbers are only available through BT
As other suppliers also use a special number to sell their cheap call rates, you cannot logically as nice as an idea it may seem - use a 'discounted' number to get another discount.
So it is Pay as you go through a cheap supplier or
'Opensurf on an 0808 through BT you xannot do both unless of course you have two phone lines.

  Newuser4608 10:22 03 Aug 2005

Hi Jack, It cannot be this as both my wife's and my friend's computers connect OK and my computer connects OK through an external modem on the same phone point! Can it be that different modems have different properties? I feel it must be something to do with my using Tele2, but what?

  jack 14:06 03 Aug 2005

You said it - You are using Tele 2 -is this BT?
A call to their help line will reveal all.
I would not think in is a hardware problem,
The modem connects - what it is connecting to is your problem.

  Stuartli 14:18 03 Aug 2005

The 1470 prefix is to allow an ISP's equipment to verify that a subscriber on a paid for Internet service is connecting from the original number supplied; whether it is BT or not is irrelevant in such cases.

The only number(s) which can be used on other (normally BT line phones) are PAYG because, as has already been pointed out, the ISP receives a proportion of the cost of making such calls.

It's one way of keeping down PAYG internet surfing costs - just use your best mate's phone...:-)

  Graham ® 14:26 03 Aug 2005

What happens when you try to connect? Dialling sounds, modem sounds, etc?

  Newuser4608 19:02 03 Aug 2005

It dials OK. On the iPAC I get the message "No modem at above number", on the notebook "Unable to connect".
Note that the problem is that 2 computers connect OK with their internal modems. 1 computer connects OK with an external modem. One notebook and the iPAC fail to connect.
So I would like to know why some connect, some don't?

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