Unable to clean or delete virus infected files

  James-338344 17:05 04 Oct 2003

Trend Micro Pc Cillin 2000 tells me that I have several files in Second Chance corrupted by a virus (TROJ_ISTBAR.A according to Trend Micro. It refuse to clean the affected files or quarantine them. Going by the instructions on the website, I've managed to delete most of the files by removing the programs but I still have those infected files. In addition, it has manged to worm its way into two files called

Also, a program called WINLOGIN.exe is infected by what PC Cillin calls BKDR_SMALL.C. PC Cillin cannot clean this program but it has managed to quarantine it.

My problem is this. With TROJ_ISTBAR.A, can I safely ignore these infected files as I have removed all the other bits? If not, how do I remove them?

Secondly, what can I do about the BKDR_SMALL.C virus. Can my PC cope without WINLOGIN.exe or is there another way of removing the virus?

See "click here" for the TROJ_ISTBAR.A virus info.


  powerless 17:08 04 Oct 2003

THere stuck in the system restore protected files.

You need to delete your restore points to remove the infected files.

  TMAn266 17:12 04 Oct 2003

jaft trojans are usually harmless virus, they are not destructive at all, i have pc cillin 2003 and have discovered many trojans but have not infected or corrupted any of my files on drive c, th best scanner to use at the moment is avg go to click here, and download a trial version.

  VoG II 17:14 04 Oct 2003

Heres how to do what Powerless says click here

Don't forget to turn it back on again!

  johnnyrocker 17:20 04 Oct 2003

if you are running xp or ME you will need to disable system restore before cleaning, try an on line virus scan/clean as it may have corrupted your av itself would suggest click here or click here



  Jester2K II 19:48 04 Oct 2003

1) These files are NOT in System Restore but in another program called Second Chance (as sort of early version of System Restore by another company). Its been assumed that you are running ME or XP but you have not confirmed or denied this.

You need to delete all the Second Chance Data. Right click the blue circle icon in the system tray (bottom right of the screen) to get a menu. Somewhere in their you can delete all but the latest backup.

The Trojans and viruses have been backed up by this software and although your (out of date) AV software can detect the viruses in the Second Chance folders it can't delete them as they are protected.

TROJ_ISTBAR.A is a Homepage Hijacker - not much to worry about.

BKDR_SMALL.C will be dealt with by the AV.

Personally i would delete the Second Chance data, download AVG 6 click here for free, uninstall your out of date PC-Cilin and install AVG. Then sweep the entire PC.

Remember anything in C:\_RESTORE\ARCHIVE etc is just a backed up version of the virus made by this software. As long as the file don't exist in C:\windows etc then you are OK.

  James-338344 16:54 05 Oct 2003

Firstly an apology, I should have said that I was running Windows ME.

Thanks to all who responded especially Jester as the solution suggested seems to have got rid of all the occurences.


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