unable to burn no dvd burner detected?

  sleepy01 23:42 11 Apr 2010

Hi all

my pc windows media player doesnt recognise my dvd drive as a burner. It was working fine no issues but now wont work.

Am wondering if its a simple issue or if not is there a decent burner free i can download, provided this is recognised.

The drive uploads/plays cd's fine

help much appreciated

  User-1229748 03:27 12 Apr 2010

have a read thru this fully and see if it gives you anything you havn't tried click here

  eedcam 05:31 12 Apr 2010

CD uses a different laser but you could try imgbun
its free and much better anyway use mirror 6 for the download click here

  morddwyd 08:35 12 Apr 2010

CD Burner XP is free, and despite the name works with Win 7.

  Technotiger 08:52 12 Apr 2010

Run a DVD laser cleaning disc in the drive, possibly needs cleaning. A CD laser cleaning disc will NOT do it.

  sleepy01 16:35 12 Apr 2010

Thx all, will try all the suggestions.

Eedcam i downloaded imgbun, burnt a cd album onto it seemingly succesfully but when i removed dosc to play in my stereo system i just get buzzing and hissing, however it plays fine in windows media player.
Im not pc savvy so unsure to why.

Will try re-instal of drive as suggested also,

  sleepy01 17:04 12 Apr 2010

sorted, thx all and PC advisor as always

i uninstalled dvd/cd drive restarted pc and hey presto it worked, have just burnt a cd using WMP

many thx

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