Unable to burn a Firmware file to CD-R for my Sony DVD-R TV recorder

  Audio~~Chip 22:13 20 Jul 2013


I need to update the firmare for my TV's standalone DVD Recorder RDR-HXD995 to fix a known issue which has just become worse. "The recorder perminantly sticks on Update and will not populate the TV Channels"

I use Ashampoo Studio 6.

The instructions and download for this file are from here: click here have gone out and bought a different brand or CD-R & also tried DVD which do not work. The instructions say DVD Disk do not work.

When I try to select the file to burn in Ashampoo it does not show in the box for selection to add it but does if you select all files.

Can anyone sugest where i am going wrong please.



  lotvic 23:17 20 Jul 2013

Found others doing same (in past 2 years) read through and see which parts are helpful click here take note of very last post that says how to put CD in the sony - there are buttons to press. And this is the other link click here as Data CD at the slowest speed your burner will do. Finalize disk.


  lotvic 23:20 20 Jul 2013

Burn as Data CD at the slowest speed your burner will do. Finalize disk.

For some strange reason pca chopped off the rest of sentence after 'Burn'

  Audio~~Chip 23:24 20 Jul 2013

Thanks Lotvic

Do you know how to slow down the burn speed using Ashampoo Studio v6 ? Will read the other posts you send one I have regarding the powerbutton and 2mins disconnect power. But the otherone is a new one for me so will read this.

Will post back if I manage to get a sucessfull burn.

Cheers Steven

  lotvic 23:36 20 Jul 2013

AFAIK (open the Help file) mine (v9) says: Current Write Options Depends on inserted disc. If you adjust your personal settings, the options will be displayed in this screen too. Click on the Change Options button if you want to adjust your personal settings for the burning process.

v6 is probably the same procedure.

  Audio~~Chip 08:04 21 Jul 2013

So, I hav3 managed to burn the file to a CD-R and followed the instructions from sony to update the firmware; but ! when it gets to the "Download 5" part of the update it freezes and nothing happens. The DVD Recorder then become non responsive and no control over it is possible. I have repeated the steps after powering off by removing the power socket from the rear with giving it a few hours to try to complete and same over and over again its just not possible to complete the update.

I don't know if there is something not correct with the burned file on the CD-R or its the Sony RDRHXD995 Recorder being a pain.

Should I open another post ?

Cheers Steven

  lotvic 11:43 21 Jul 2013

There is a Sony problem machines seem to be going down all over the country click here

Newuser939 has brought it to attention today at 11:03AM in thread click here

  lotvic 15:17 21 Jul 2013

BBC News reports: Sony says it is experiencing "a major technical issue" after many owners of its DVD recorders lost access to their Freeview TV channels. click here

  Pine Man 11:54 22 Jul 2013

All now fixed and nothing to do with updating the firmware.

  Audio~~Chip 20:45 22 Jul 2013

Hello Lotvic & Pine Man

Sorry to not returning earlier but I had problems logging into the website from my Email notification, i was getting a server error but that fixed over night.

So all seems to be working normal and I am back to recording my monday evening double Corrie ! sad ain't I.

Even though the problem was down to Freeview & Sony being the cause I did try to update the firmware to 124 from 115 and it only updated to 118 for my recorder. I do at times have the odd tv channels un-populated which the 124 firmware is suppose to fix.

I will open a new post re problem updating my firmware to 124 release so if you can help please call in.

Thank you to Lotvic & Pine Man for sticking this out with me and the notification to save me from buying a new machine !

Cheers Steven

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