Unable to boot in Win XP Home

  Dobba 14:27 29 Sep 2003

You've just helped me with a virus problem (W32.Swen) which i have now managed to remove (I hope).
However, in doing so, I seem to have incurred a further problem.
I decided to re-install Windows XP after the virus problem and the installation starts up alright but when the time comes for the computer to reboot automatically for the second part of the installation, it stubbornly refuses to do so.
Any attempt just to boot up from cold also has the same effect - the warning message says "Boot up from Atapi CD Rom", which I think is what it has always said, but then the computer locks and it refuses to go any further. Net result is that I can't get into the computer at all (This is being done on my lap top),
I have been into setup and the boot order seems to be o.k. but there is obviusly something stopping the computer booting.
Any ideas please
Alan H.

  hugh-265156 14:37 29 Sep 2003

i only have a recovery floppy disc so dont have to do this but when using a full copy of windows,after it restarts for the first time,i think the boot order needs to be changed and the HD set as first boot device.leave the cdrom in the drive and it should continue on with the instalation.

i may be wrong.

  Dobba 15:14 29 Sep 2003

Sorry Huggy,
That hasn't worked. I have tried ALL the choices in setup for First Boot and none of them enable the boot process to work.
First answer is "Boot from Atapi CD Rom" which I think is what it has always said when it was working, and underneath comes "Press any key to boot from CD ROM"
When I do this second action whilst trying to reload Windows XP, all that happens is that the XP installation starts all over again and then fails again at automatic re-boot.
I am seriously thinking of formatting the hard disk and starting all over again but am loathe to do so until I know that the automatic reboot will then work, otherwise I will have lost all my information for nothing.

  hugh-265156 15:35 29 Sep 2003

yes atapi is a cdrom driver. start the install as you did with cdrom as first boot device,when it restarts for the first time then enter the bios and change it to hard drive as first.save and exit.leave the cdrom in the drive and it should continue.

  hugh-265156 15:36 29 Sep 2003

rough guide click here

  Legolas 15:38 29 Sep 2003

On the reboot you dont want it to boot from the cd-rom the files needed for the XP

  Legolas 15:40 29 Sep 2003

On the reboot you dont want it to boot from the cd-rom the files needed for the XP installation have already been copied to your hard drive so on reboot it should boot into the hard drive and carry on the installation.

  Dobba 18:18 29 Sep 2003

Thanks Chaps.
Only thing is that the computer will NOT boot from the hard drive.
My settings at the moment are:- 1st Boot Device CD Rom
2nd Boot Device - Floppy
3rd Boot device - Here I have a choice of several:-
LS120, IDE-0, IDE-1, IDE-2, IDE-3, SCSI, CDRom, Zip, Lan, and Disabled. I am not at all sure which one of these (if any) is the hard drive!
Obviously, the computer boots from the W XP CD Rom and when it comes to the automatic rebook, presumably on other occasions which have been successful, it then started to boot from the fileson the hard disk. I get an invitation to boot from Atapi (from which nothing happens) then I get an invitation to press a key and boot from the CD Rom, which sets the whole sequence off again. Its the booting from the hard disk which has gone haywire.

  hugh-265156 18:35 29 Sep 2003

LS120 is i think a floppy drive,IDE-1 would be my choice as first boot device.

  Rayuk 18:47 29 Sep 2003

IDE0 is the setting you want.
When it reboots just let it do its thing no need to press any keys at all.

  hugh-265156 18:52 29 Sep 2003

oops sorry,cant read as Rayuk says choose the first numbered ide it will be the hard drive.apologies.

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