Unable to Boot from CD-Rom

  miner 11:11 28 Jan 2005

I cannot get my pc to boot from the cd even though the BIOS is set in the order cd/floppy/hdd.

Could it be because the hdd is set up as master and the cd as slave??

The OS is W98SE.

Many thanks.....

  JonnyTub 11:22 28 Jan 2005

what bios / revision do you have ?

  miner 11:35 28 Jan 2005

Sorry JonnyTub I don't understand what you mean by Bios/Revision...

I can add though, having just double-checked in the cmos that the Primary Master is set for the hdd and the Secondary Master is the CD - do I just need to change them over as well as set the BIOS accordingly??

  JonnyTub 11:39 28 Jan 2005

nope that doesn't matter, i asked for the bios revision so i could look up your bios settings on the web, it might be easier if you know the make and model number of your pc, or in the case of it being self-built a motherboard make and model will be equally as good. Switching the primary and secondary drives over will make no difference, it will still boot from the c: drive, look for an option that resembles "boot from other devices" and enable it.

  miner 11:56 28 Jan 2005

Ok - the motherboard is an ATX made by Chaintech (click here) CT-9VJL3.

Its Intel Socket 478/VIA P4X400 + VT8235.

Hope this helps....thanks!

  JonnyTub 12:45 28 Jan 2005

sorry for the delay, i had to nip out to shops, anyway, from the manual of your motherboard, what you are doing would appear to be correct in terms of boot order sequence. this would leave me to suspect the cd you are trying to boot from is not a bootable type cd, what kind of cd is it, your win98 cd? or another.

  pj123 16:17 28 Jan 2005

Please tell us why you would want to boot from the CD in the first place?

  miner 16:48 28 Jan 2005

<Please tell us why you would want to boot from the CD in the first place?>

I need to be able to boot from a cd as a disaster recovery measure using 'Retrospect' with an external drive housing a cloned image of the c drive.

The cd I'm using is a CD-R recovery disc made with 'Retrospect'.

I'll try booting from the W98 cd and see if that works!

  Gongoozler 16:51 28 Jan 2005

I have recently had this problem on an old pc when trying to boot from a CD-ROM in a DVD drive. It turned out that the Samsung drive wasn't ATAPI compatible.

  miner 17:02 28 Jan 2005

The pc will boot from the W98 cd and comes up with an A: prompt.

When trying to boot from the recovery CD I get:

Verifying Pool Data
1. FD 1.44MB System Type - (OF)

and can go no further.


  JonnyTub 17:10 28 Jan 2005

problem cd, possible coaster...........

or damaged mbr ??click here

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