Unable to activate A2.Free Version.

  Meshuga 17:28 04 May 2005

I have 2 PC`s networked through a router/modem on BB. Both have Winxp home sp2. I have downloaded A2 Free onto one pc without any trouble and it updates ok. I decided to download A2Free on to the other pc which went ok. However, before you can use A2 for the first time it says you have to do one update. When I try to update I get a message saying "Unable to connect to update server" even though I have entered the user name and code that they sent me by email.Everything else is working ok. Any suggestions please?

  rawprawn 17:37 04 May 2005

It is worth checking that you didn't download the pro version by accident. I have done that and had problems in the past.If you did uninstall re download the free version and install.

  Meshuga 18:11 04 May 2005

Many thanks rawprawn, am pretty certain that it was the free version but will check when using the PC in question.

  pat2068 18:20 04 May 2005

i think the a2 server must be down as i am getting the same message and i do have the free version leo

  Meshuga 18:38 04 May 2005

Thank you for that,leo.

  Hamish 18:49 04 May 2005

The A2 site appears to be in operation again

  rawprawn 18:52 04 May 2005

Yep, I just connected no problem.So maybe it was just a problem with the site. Try again my friend.

  Meshuga 19:05 04 May 2005

Yes, will do rawprawn. Have to be tomorrow though. Thanks to all for your replies.

  Meshuga 22:06 04 May 2005


  Meshuga 06:46 05 May 2005

Hi rawprawn, I have checked the version and it is definitely the free version but it still tells me that it cannot connect to the update server and that I should check my internet settings. My internet settings are the same as they have always been and everything else connects ok. Any further suggestions please anybody?

  Meshuga 07:22 05 May 2005

Since my previous post I have gone to the a2 home page and looked in the FAQ list and one of the suggestions Re this problem is to see if you can connect to the control centre using the same user/code details. I have done this and can connect ok. It doesn`t say whether this means settings are ok but I would assume that they must be. Unfortunately, with my limited knowledge I do not understand other suggestions they make.

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