Unable to access some sites from IE

  The BB 14:51 09 Feb 2005

Have IE6 on W2K (both fully patched) with Norton AV, Zone Alarm, Adaware and Spybot running (all come up clean) with AOL as Broadband ISP on two machines (one on a wireless network) via a Netgear DG834G.

Can't access some pages from IE, but can from AOL, and as www*microsoft*com has just become one of these what was a niggle is now a problem, can't use MSN so getting offspring pressure! (* for . throughout this post)

It's not secure sites and now can't get any Windows Updates unless I go from within the AOL browser.

And as I can acces from AOL I know the pages are OK!!

Error message is "The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings." with "Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer " at the end

Using NSLOOKUP for www*microsoft*com gives

Entering click here gives the web page in AOL but IE6 times out

Pinging www*microsoft*com or www*belkin*co*uk gives (another no show site) Time Out (other sites are OK)

Also noticed that some pages fail to display first time, but do if I refresh (F5) them

Lmhosts is comments only, Hosts file has comments and local host


  Shas 15:31 09 Feb 2005

Can't help you I'm afraid The BB, but as I'm having an almost identical problem I'd like to keep track. (I posted yesterday but no responses.) Our set-ups differ in that I have Escan av and McAfee firewall and my network is wired; OS and ISP the same.

  alnwrd 18:45 09 Feb 2005

Whatever the problem is there must be a difference between the settings of these two browsers. Suggest you try to find this by selecting tools, internet options in IE, and see if you can experiment with security settings or cookies.

  The BB 19:59 09 Feb 2005

Just tried setting all security setting low and now restored them back to defaults without any success :(
But the setting in IE wouldn't explain the ping failure or why MSN has stopped working.

Any more ideas welcomed

  gudgulf 22:07 09 Feb 2005

Try opening internet explorer and click on "edit" at the top left.Check if there is a tick next to "work offline".If there is untick it and try again.

  gudgulf 22:10 09 Feb 2005

And if that doesn't work try a repair of IE click here;en-us;318378

  gudgulf 22:15 09 Feb 2005

....forgot about the dodgy posting of links to the ms knowledge base .Try click here

  The BB 13:35 10 Feb 2005

Unfortunatley already tried the IE repair - no change, and can see some pages so not an off-line issue ...

  Shas 14:24 10 Feb 2005

As I'm having almost identical problem, I emailed my computer troubleshooter guy and he says: "think it's a DNS problem, the router picks this up on log-on, settings for IE6 should be LAN with no boxes checked, suggested looking on AOL site and making sure DNS settings same as router. Do you switch off at night? Might be worth a reboot"

Unfortunately, didn't help me at all because LAN settings are as he said and the only internet setting option I could find on AOL took me back to the actual Internet Options box in control panel. Can't find any mention of my Netgear router on the computer and have asked him if there's any way to get to it's settings to see if it's firewall is to blame. May be clutching at straws but don't know what else to try.

Like you, IE repair didn't alter anything, Windows update doesn't open, I can't get to my home email Tiscali, or one other commercial site. There may be more I've not yet tried. PCA opens with no trouble at all.

  The BB 16:18 10 Feb 2005

I managed to access the Windows Update from inside the AOL browser, and as I AOL can get out I'm fairly sure it's nothing to do with my Router/Firewall on the router or cabling. Just going to double check if ZA could block sites from IE, but I don't recall changing anything and it's on both hone PC's.
Got other forums running this too, so any updates I'll let you know

  Shas 16:33 10 Feb 2005

.... so any updates I'll let you know. Thank you, and likewise.

I, too can access any sites from the AOL browser, and most sites open up in IE or Firefox. It's just the odd two or three which won't. I still can't understand why if all settings seem correct, and all necessary cookies etc. are allowed, IE works for some but not others.

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