Unable To Access Mail Login Sites

  Lerm 14:24 01 Nov 2006

This has happened three nights running now, from about 6pm onwards until about 10.30pm - 11pm, can surf the Net but unable to access any of the mailboc login pages (Hotmail, Yahoo, Godaddy etc.)

ISP is Tiscali and they are non-plussed by it so far. Have tried to login using laptop, thinking it might be a virus/trojan/hijacker on desktop hard drive, but have exactly same problem with laptop.

Surely this is down to Tiscali and connectivity and high-demand at peak time (which sucks, if that's the case!). Have a 2Mb bandwidth but that shouldn't matter. Might have limitations of speed but that should not prevent me from acessing mailboxes, should it?

For any illumination, thanks in advance.

  RicScott 14:28 01 Nov 2006

The issue is usually down to high traffic..(people logging into the sites). try to avoid it at that time of night..

The same happens with most webmail servers when the bandwidth starts to busy up..They fail or you'll get a warning saying that the server is busy..

  Lerm 14:35 01 Nov 2006

Thanks Ric. But surely that can't be it? Have had Tiscali for a year and never had a problem, now suddenly all the separate universal mail providers like gmail and yahoo and go daddy in the last three days have become inacessible due to high demand? One maybe, but not all of them, surely?

  RicScott 14:43 01 Nov 2006

mail.com for a few webmail accounts, it is full of spyware, as they all are, with it being free, you have to pay for it somehow..lol..
Mail.com gets high demand usually around 19:00..
Do you use any anti-spyware apps??
Anything like spybot/windows defender should clear out the bots.
Doesn't sound like the work of a trojan/virus etc as mostly they are just damn annoying all the time..not on a time switch.

Goto: click here and click on the 'Proceed' about half way down the page, then click on 'All Service Ports'.
This will check your ports for vulnrability.To see if you could be a hacker vic..??

  Lerm 18:21 01 Nov 2006

That was sound Ric, it passed, no issues. And now, at 5.45pm, once again unable to access any universal mail login sites like gmail, yahoo, ebay etc. Tried on two separate computers. Can only think to go to an internet cafe and see if I can log on there. If I can, then it's Tiscali doing it, has to be.

Anyone else able to shine some light on this problem before I brave the cold???

  Lerm 10:37 02 Nov 2006

Well, went to an internet cafe along the road last night and had no problems whatsoever logging ito Gmail, Yahoo Ebay etc. Back ten minutes later and could not log-in to any of them from home. Around 11pm could get back in again. So this must be something at Tiscali's end. they must be blocking access to public mail server pages at peak times. What else could it possibly be????

  birdface 11:11 02 Nov 2006

If you have Advanced Windows Care on your quick start, Close it see if that helps, Worked for me, Or switch of your Firewall for a moment and try it, May be something you have blocked, I have had the same problem, On and off for over a week, And I am with NTL.Maybe one of our spyware or anti-virus programs deleting the wrong cookies,Mine is working ok at the moment.

  Lerm 11:45 02 Nov 2006

Thanks for the input, buteman. I don't have Advanced Windows Care (to the best of my knowledge!) and did try switching off the firewall (Zonealarm) and anti-virus (Avg 7.1 and now 7.5 free) but neither made a difference. in fact went into msconfig and Start Up and unchecked everything and tried it and still couldn't log on.

Unless something unbeknown to me is running in the background between 5.40pm approx to block those cookies to those sites then suddenly at around 11 pm doesn't block them, it surely can't be that?

Perhaps need to begin another related thread asking if anyone else has Tiscali public mail server website access issues.

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