Unable to Access Hard drive

  MS35 15:22 17 Oct 2005

Problem yesterday with inaccessible boot drive. Managed to disconnect C: and boot up by reloading Windows 2000 on back up hard drive (all main back up files photos etc safe! phew).

When I've reconnected the problem drive it is showing in Disk Management as Active, but without a file system. Previously NTFS.

I can't access the disk to run an error check or see details in Explorer. Can I put a structure back on the disk without losing the data which I hope is still on there?


  keith-236785 15:45 17 Oct 2005

if you put the faulty hard drive in as slave (changing the jumper to slave) you might be able to get the data back off there onto your working drive. then format the faulty hard drive again, swap drives and re-install windows.

or you could put the faulty drive back in and try running fdisk /mbr to rewrite the master boot record (you will need either the startup floppy disks or the windows cd for the command to work)

this would simply overwrite the defect boot record and should bring the drive back to life.

i am not saying it will recover your disk, it might be the disk is phsically damaged and nothing will work....hope not for your sake but always a possibility.

  MS35 16:01 17 Oct 2005

With the new disk back in it shows as D:

The dos prompt is C:
Am I entering D:\fdisk/mbr from dos?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 17 Oct 2005

Am I entering D:\fdisk/mbr from dos?


  MS35 16:18 17 Oct 2005

No go - tried this and got the message "the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable"

Any other thoughts?

  keith-236785 16:39 18 Oct 2005

whilst at the D: prompt, type chkdsk D: and see if that does anything, if not then maybe you need to format and start again.

if you have all the info you need off the disk, use fdisk to format the drive (you will need to choose option 2 at the boot menu, start pc without cdrom support once you have the prompt A:> type

format D: (or whatever the letter of the drive you want to format is)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 18 Oct 2005

At the C:\windows prompt (as you first enter recover consul)


fix/mbr d:

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