unable to access G:/ [external drive].

  algo mas 18:03 04 Dec 2013

This statement came up.

Unable to access G:/ request cannot be performed due to I/O device error.

Now I think I pulled usb cable out whilst it was working. Is it still possible to access the files please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 04 Dec 2013

try this first

  algo mas 00:34 05 Dec 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat,

There is no error on the device. Driver is best available.

The hard drive is showing. If I click on it all the files show. I can highlight them and copy but when I paste on to another drive it states "that it cannot read from the device". before, or when I reboot,

I also have a box come up with something like: " unable to save all data, delayed write on G:/. Error may be caused by failure of computer hardware or netwrrk connection.Please try and save your work elsewhere"

Any better?

  michaelw 08:37 05 Dec 2013

I had this problem on an xp machine. In the end all I could do was use a data recovery program like Recuva to pull files from it and then I had to reformat it.

  algo mas 09:07 05 Dec 2013

Michaelw, Thanks for your reply. I have an xp machine and Recuva already installed. I did not use it because sometimes box comes up saying G:/ not accessible.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 05 Dec 2013

Does the external drive make a noise when you plug it in?

Try uninstalling the drive under USB mass storage device in device manager reboot with it plugged in and let windows reinstall it.#

If that doesn't work then it has probably corrupted the file system on the drive and you will probably need something like test Disk to recover it although If this was the case I'm surprised you can see the files

  algo mas 23:46 05 Dec 2013

Thanks for email. Disc is working normally but not able to access files. Just finishd using a programme called RECUVER. Seems good. It managed to find files very quickly but was slow transferring to another drive. 5 hours, but there were 58000 photographs! This can also rescue deleted files from any external device and also access I/O faulty drives ( mine anyway ). I now have to put the photos back into folders. At least I have all of my photos.

Now have to format the drive.

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