unable to access email on wireless laptop

  gibfish26 22:09 27 Jan 2010

hi,i have just switched to wireless using a netgear DG834G V4 router.desktop is connected to router with ethernet cable and laptop has wireless built in,both are windows 7 and using windows live mail.i can access internet on both with no problems,but i cant access my email on my laptop,it is fine on my desktop.when i click on mail the mail page appears but when i click on inbox nothing happens,i have tried reseting username and password.any help would be appreciated,i am new to wireless.thanks.

  Sea Urchin 23:48 27 Jan 2010

Which mail page is that?

  gibfish26 08:51 28 Jan 2010

sea urchin it is the window that appears if i click on the mail envelope in top right tool bar or windows live mail in bottom left corner above the start icon.would this be my mail client page.it has inbox,sent items ,junk mail,feeds etc,down left side.hope this helps.thanks.


  oldbeefer2 09:44 28 Jan 2010

Daft question, but have you set up the laptop to your live mail account (I assume this has to be done as it has with Outlook, which I use).

  Woolwell 10:27 28 Jan 2010

If using POP e-mail you will need to set it to keep e-mails on the server otherwise the desktop will download and the laptop will not see all the e-mails (just the new ones) or vice versa.

  gibfish26 10:41 28 Jan 2010

oldbeefer2,yes i have installed windows live mail and set up my account.
woolwell.yes i am using pop e-mail,i get mail downloaded to desktop no problem but i dont get anything at all on laptop,thanks

  Woolwell 10:57 28 Jan 2010

Silly question but are you looking for e-mail on the laptop immediately after the desktop? If you haven't set it up to leave messages on the server then you will not see any on the laptop immediately.

  gibfish26 13:55 28 Jan 2010

hi woolwell thanks for reply,i think i understand what you are saying,i have not used desktop since yesterday morning,tried to access my e-mail today on laptop but when i click to open inbox it says there are no messages and no matter what i click on there is nothing there i-e sent messages,junk mail etc.thanks again.

  Woolwell 16:32 28 Jan 2010

In Windows Live Mail - Tools - Sync Should show your e-mail accounts. If you click on your e-mail account it should start to sync. A window may open showing progress. If it doesn't then you can click on bottom right where it should state retrieving and open the box to see progress.

If this doesn't work then you need to double check your account settings and perhaps delete and re-set up your account.

  gibfish26 19:02 28 Jan 2010

woolwell i have tried your suggestions and i have got a error window come up which is as follows
some errors occured while processing the requested tasks.review the list of errors below.
unable to send or recieve messages for talktalk account,your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.
possible causes for this include server problems,network problems or long periods of inactivity.

server xxxxxx
windows live mail Error ID 0x800ccc0f
protocol pop3
port 110
hope this is more help.many thanks for your help.

  Woolwell 19:40 28 Jan 2010

What anti-virus/firewall are you running?
Try turning it off and see if it connects. To be on the safe side don't open any e-mails with anti-virus off.

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