Un responsive Computer!!

  spuds 15:20 04 Oct 2011

For the past week or so, I have had problems with a computer, and browsers and webpages becoming slow or giving error messages. Trying Microsoft Fix-It the whole system froze. Tried to do an XP repair with nil results, so did a full format. All seemed well until I tried to do updates,Avast Ok, connection to internet Ok, then on reboot, goes as far as the XP motif and then shutdown, with repeating events.

Trying now to boot with the original XP disk, so as to try a repair or reformat, and the computer will not boot from disk. Previously the computer use to ask 'Boot from disk-None' and went into start mode. Now no message.

I hope that I have explained okay. Any help would be appreciated, so as to get the computer working again..

  Nontek 15:25 04 Oct 2011

Have you tried repair in Safe Mode?

  spuds 15:48 04 Oct 2011

Nontek, I do not seem to be able to do anything with the computer, unless I catch it right at start-up, and I can then go into the bios?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:05 04 Oct 2011

tap F8 during boot and select last know good configuration from the menu or safemode.

will it boot into either?

  spuds 16:36 04 Oct 2011

Fruit Bat, I have tried the F8 key and nearly everything else. Nothing happens, except for the system to ignore and not respond to human commands.

One thing that I have noticed since this problem started. The green light on starting the computer comes on, then starts to go into constant 'blink/flicking' mode. The red light for hard drive activity flickers then remains stationary, while the system is deciding on what its going to do. Didn't seem to do this previously. If that makes any sense?.

  rdave13 16:42 04 Oct 2011

Does the hard drive show in bios? Can you place the drive in a caddy and use a hdd manager to check it for errors?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 04 Oct 2011

Make / model?

Anything in the manual regarding fault codes from the led?

Sounds as if it is having trouble booting, possible HDD problems or PSU not powering HDD /DVD, may be that's why will not bot from CD.

Does DVD drive open close / spin disc?

  gengiscant 16:45 04 Oct 2011

This is not a software issue, this is a hardware fault which unless you have spares of components can be tricky to pin down. Could start by removing ram giving the points a clean then reinserting, then try again to install windows, also another HDD might be worth a try. Make sure all cables are seated correctly.

  woodchip 16:46 04 Oct 2011

It mayb be a Faulty Hard Drive, Do a scan of the Drive for faults

  Diemmess 16:55 04 Oct 2011

As with rdave13 - suspicious of HDD.

Time consuming but perhaps worth a try - RAM fault?

If you have more than one stick of RAM, you could try removing all but one and play with substituting with another, and also its position

  spuds 17:38 04 Oct 2011

Make/Model-- None, self build,upgraded as time allowed. No manuals. Hard drive shows in bios, including normal working temperature. Would be difficult to put in caddy. Ram totals 2x5?? sticks (PC133) PSU recent replacement. Appears Ok!. Could test though!.

I have a couple of spare hard drives. One as W7 which I do not have code for yet. So possible HD exchange?.

Hope the above information helps. And thanks for all the advice offered. Very much appreciated.

Still cannot understand why I was able to attempt repair, then format yesterday, and all seemed Ok, then suddenly 'No boot from disk command'and computer would no longer receive commands. All that seemed to point to a software problem/conflict?.

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