un-installing Winxp home edition

  tsham 01:13 07 Nov 2003

I want to uninstall winxp and install win98,is this easy to do,or is there a program needed to convert back to fat32

  smegs 01:42 07 Nov 2003

click here go here and get Urself a 98 boot disk and put it on floppy. When U have done that, U will B able to format Ur hard drive. Start Ur Pc with the floppy in the drive. When in does Type FORMAT C: When that has done, U will B able to put 98 on.

  Terrahawk 01:49 07 Nov 2003

get hold of a windows 98 boot disk set your floppy A: drive to first bootable device in bios.Boot your machine with boot disk inserted.At the a prompt type fdisk that will give you a list of options. Select delete partition then select delete non dos partition. Once you have done that come out to the main menu select create partition create primary partition. At this stage it may ask you to reboot do so leaving your boot floppy in the drive.At the A:prompt type format C: then press enter that will format your disk to fat32 you can then install win 98 at some stage during fdisk session you will be asked if you would like to enable large disk support select yes.If you haven't got a boot disk you can download one from here and put it onto floppy disk. click here
BACk Up anything you need as you will be wiping every thing off your hd

hope this is of some help


  temp003 01:59 07 Nov 2003

If you are using NTFS file system, the format command on the 98 boot disk won't be able to format it.

You can try to use fdisk on the 98 boot disk to delete the partition first, then create a new partition, then format it.

Boot up with 98 bootdisk, at the A:\> prompt, type:


and press Enter. Say yes to large disk support.

Then assuming you have only one hard disk, select the option "Display partition information". An NTFS partition should be shown as a non-DOS partition.

If it shows, go back to the fdisk main options screen, and choose the option for Delete partitions and logical drives. Then delete the non-DOS partition. See if it works. Fdisk sometimes can but sometimes cannot delete an NTFS partition. If it can, go back to main screen and select Create DOS partition or logical DOS drive. Create a Primary Partition. Specify the size. Make sure the primary partition is set Active.

Exit fdisk. Restart computer with 98 boot disk. This time choose Start computer with CDROM support. At the A:\> prompt, go back to fdisk to display partition information to double check that the primary partition has been created and recognised. Then exit fdisk. Back at the A:\> prompt, type:

format c:

and wait for it to finish.

Then insert 98 CD, and at the prompt, type


and press Enter, where x is the drive letter of the CDROM (E or D usually).

Then at the x:\> prompt, type


and press Enter to start the 98 installation.

If fdisk fails to delete the NTFS partition, post back. You would then have to use the XP CD to format the partition in FAT32.

  flecc 02:41 07 Nov 2003

If you have access to the Partition Magic rescue floppies, they'll load the program from which you can delete the existing partition instantly and then run the 98 installation straight away without complication. Alternatively, any set of Drive Image rescue floppies can also delete the partition, with that you select the Tools menu at the first screen to access the Delete function.

  tsham 00:03 08 Nov 2003

Thanks to everyone for the answers,I have taken note of all the suggestions,this helproom forum is great,thanks again

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