Craggles84 12:10 15 Oct 2005

Does anyone know of a decent free un-deleter/file recovery program? My other half deleted a lot of my stuff on Wednesday and I'd love to get it back but I can't find a decent program to use!

  Skeletor 12:14 15 Oct 2005

PC Inspector is supposed to be pretty good click here


  Hamish 12:21 15 Oct 2005
  Craggles84 12:48 15 Oct 2005

I've tried PC Inspector but it couldn't find the files I want but I know they are there because on of the bigger pay-to-use programs found them but I wasn't paying £80 to get them back, I'm a tightwad, lol!

  VoG II 12:51 15 Oct 2005

Try running Drive Rescue click here from a floppy.

  Craggles84 13:22 15 Oct 2005

Drive Rescue was useful but it only found two of the files. She deleted about 4 folders and a total of around 50+ files and I just can't find them. Is there a difference in what happens when a file is deleted as a single and a folder full of files?

  Belatucadrus 13:35 15 Oct 2005

click here Restoration is another one to try

  Craggles84 13:46 15 Oct 2005

Still no luck on finding anything except for the two files from earlier. Looks like their gone for good but I can't understand how come two of them are still there but the rest are gone!

  VoG II 13:53 15 Oct 2005

If the PC has been used since they were deleted, the space that they occupied on the hard drive may have been overwritten by other files.

  Craggles84 13:54 15 Oct 2005

OK, that's probably why then. I'm guessing that the temporary internet files would ahve used the space because thats mostly what the PC is used for. Oh well, my fault for not burning them to disc sooner!

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