Umax Astra 610S

  SmiffyRebel 14:46 30 Aug 2003

I have a problem with my scanner which is a UMAX Astra 610S (SCSSI) the SCSSI i am using is a PCI SCSSI card made by Adaptec model No AVA-2904 on windows XP Pro my problem is that when I scan in Black + White or Greyscale everything is ok but when I scan in colour the scanner energises but does not scan e.g. there is no movement from the scan head also when I use Norton System Works One Button Check Up it tells me that there is an error in the registry and the scanner is not connected it also tells me that there is a program integrity fault and once again that the scanner is not connected (although the scanner works in greyscale and black and white. I have tried un-installing and re-installing the scanner and driver and also the SCSSI card and driver but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
Everything seemed OK untill I installed Textbridge OCR Millenium which I since uninstalled and also done a format and re-install of Windows XP

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